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RAID Recovery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the RAID data recovery process.  If you have a question that isn’t listed below, please contact a recovery technician by visiting our contact page.

RAID Data Recovery Cost?
 RAID Data Recovery Pricing: RAID data recovery is based on a per drive rate starting as low as $325/drive for SATA and IDE HDD arrays.  There are some specific factors that can increase that number in certain cases.  Certain RAID types such as RAID 6 and nested arrays may cost extra.  Here are a few sample array types and how they would be calculated

RAID 5 Array of 6 x 1Tb SATA Hard Drives (One of Which is a Hot Spare)

$325 x 5 Total Drives (hot spare isn’t counted)

Total: $1625

RAID 0 Array of 8 SAS or SCSI Hard Drives

$375 x 8 Drives (SAS/SCSI drives are extra)

Total: $3000

RAID 5 of 4 x 3Tb SATA Hard Drives

$375 x 4 Drives (Drives Over 2Tb are additional $50/Tb)

Total: $1500

These prices cover most hardware repairs necessary to extract data from all necessary drives.  However, in some cases, such as when a needed drive will require extensive clean room work, the final quoted cost might be higher.

Evaluation is always free and quotes are always provided before we proceed with the work.

For the current pricing tables, please visit our Data Recovery Prices Page.

How Long Does RAID Recovery Take?
One of the first questions we get asked by most customers is “How long will the recovery take?”.   Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer to that question, as each case is different.  Many arrays can be rebuild in only a day or two.  However here are some factors to consider that may affect the overall time frame of the data recovery.

  1. Hardware Condition – A drive that is fully functional is much faster to recover data from than one that is severely damaged and must be repaired.  So cases that are simply related to accidental deletion, format, viruses, etc. are generally pretty quick on the turnaround.  Usually within 48 hours for most cases, however, there are times when it takes longer.  Drives needing hardware recovery generally take about 7 to 10 days but can take longer based on other factors below.
  2. Drive / RAID Array Size – Even if a drive is fully functional a 4Tb drive will take as much as 20 hours to perform a single scan, and a typical recovery may involve several scans to effectively find all files.  Also as a professional data recovery lab, we always clone the drive first to prevent any possibility of accidents while working with the data.  As a rule of thumb expect an extra day for drives larger than 500Gb or a few days for drives larger than 2Tb.  Plus for very large arrays, there can be substantial time
  3. Number of Failed Drives – In striped RAID arrays, the number of failed drives can affect the turnaround time as well.  When there are multiple failures all drives must be analyzed to determine which hard drive(s) went offline first so that the correct data is used during the rebuild.
  4. Availability of Donor Parts – For drives with hardware issues, parts are often needed to repair the drive to a semi-functional condition where the data can be successfully extracted.  Some hard drive sub-models are very common and easy to find the parts from one of our vendors.  However, others are not.  At times we may even have to spend weeks searching online and calling other data recovery labs for the specific drive or parts we need.  Or we may even have to buy a donor drive from overseas and wait for it to arrive.  Usually, this is the longest part of the whole process for hardware level recoveries.
  5. Functionality of Drive After Repair – Many makes of hard drives don’t take kindly to replacement parts and don’t function anywhere near their full potential after an internal repair.  As drives write magnetic data on a microscopic level, even the slightest variation in manufacturing of parts may cause the drive to constantly have to re-read data over and over.  While rare, some drives can take a month or more to extract all the data after such internal repairs.
  6. Service Type – Customers who need expedited or emergency services pay a bit more for our services, however, they also get priority service.  RAID arrays are always treated as Expedited projects and are bumped to the front of the line to be worked on before all other projects.  However, the work is still performed during normal business hours.  If that isn’t fast enough you can order emergency service (quoted base on expected overtime) and we work through the night, and over the weekend to finish the project as fast as possible.

What Are The Chances of Successful RAID Recovery?
This will largely depend on the hardware condition and array type.  However here are some basic statistics:

  • RAID 0 with one failed drive – 85-90% Chance of Success
  • RAID 5 with one failed drive (rebuild failed) – 99% chance of recovery
  • RAID 5 with two simultaneous drive failures – 95% chance of recovery
  • RAID 5 with two drive failures (non-simultaneous) – 85-90% chance of success
  • RAID 6 with one/two failed drives (rebuild failed) – 98% chance of recovery
  • RAID 6 with three failed drives – 85-90% chance of recovery

Please note that these numbers are only estimates of the likelihood that the data can be recovered.  As each case is different, an evaluation to determine hardware condition must be performed first.

What Happens If The Data Can't Be Recovered?
 If we are unable to recover a substantial portion of the data (70% or more of the files) you will not be billed for our efforts to recover the data.  The only cost you might be out is the price of parts needed to attempt the repair and recovery which are specific to your hard drive.  However, these costs will be itemized and explained at the time you receive the quote. In some cases where the recovery is very partial, you will be given opportunity to preview the data to see if any necessary data has been successfully recovered.  You will then have the option to accept the recovered data and pay the quote, or decline and call it a loss.

How Do I Get My Data Back After Recovery?
Upon completion of the recovery, you are welcome to provide your own return media.  For RAID arrays, the would generally be a high capacity external hard drive.  Or, if you’d prefer you can purchase a new external hard drive from us at a competitive price and we’ll copy the data to that.  For very large arrays containing large amounts of data, arrangements may be necessary to copy the data onto a NAS or other enclosure with RAID functions.  Please contact us for more details if you require recovery from such an array.


What Customers Say About Data Medics:


These guys are honest and on the ball. They've helped me with recovery. I've even shared some of their advice with others. But actually a compliment for Data Medics. I run my own business and would recommend these guys any day. If you want my input, I'm at RIINTERCONNECT. COM
David Tremblay
David Tremblay
03:04 05 Jun 15
These are honest and hard working people. So professional. They have answered every question I have had about my computer. Totally trustworthy. You won't be sorry you used Data Medics.Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
14:18 09 Jun 15
So far it's been great - Jared took the time and patience to explain everything to me. I've chatted with several companies and he's has been the most helpful.
Connie Struss
Connie Struss
17:07 20 Mar 17
Excellent Service, Very sharp and intelligent about the situation. Highly Recommended.
Rouj Chalabi
Rouj Chalabi
16:33 06 Jul 17
Jared is patient and extremely knowledgable with the advice he gives. instead of trying to sell you the $$$$ service, he investigates and attempts to find the simple solution to data recovery. would definitely recommend.
drechtaber fulmowitz
drechtaber fulmowitz
15:04 07 Oct 17
Everyone at data medics was so professional, helpful, and pleasant. Their prices are very good compared to other companies that ask way more money. They were also able to recover ALL of my data in just a few weeks. Highly recommended!
Katie Abramski
Katie Abramski
18:43 27 Mar 18
Wonderful help from Jared!
Ale García Bardales
Ale García Bardales
23:43 30 Apr 18
Friendly and knowledge staff.
Allen Breyette
Allen Breyette
07:56 23 May 18
I couldn't be happier with the service and the counseling, as they talked me off the cliff. Great Job, thanks again!
The Nice Company Bryn
The Nice Company Bryn
21:21 18 Jul 18
Excellent service at a great price!
Greg Greenwell
Greg Greenwell
17:40 26 Sep 18
This is a very professional company. They go through all scenarios, exceptional service at offIce.
Mary Raum
Mary Raum
22:14 18 May 19
Without them, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve any information from my old laptop, nor would I have my photos of Sally ( my dog who recently passed) back
Falkon Punch
Falkon Punch
21:07 29 Aug 19
Without them, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve any information from my old laptop, nor would I have my photos of Sally ( my dog who recently passed) back
Falkon Punch
Falkon Punch
21:07 29 Aug 19
Very EXCELLENT work! Highly recommend ??
Alix Cornay
Alix Cornay
13:16 30 Oct 19
Great service - Was able to get my pictures of my kids back. Thanks again! Hopefully i do not need the service again.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown
17:17 20 Mar 20
Jared was kind enough to answer a lot of questions by email without me being a customer. He is an absolute expert who is extremely customer-friendly. I really appreciate that. Really great!
Tim Frezen
Tim Frezen
17:47 20 Jun 20
Jared worked with me on a RAID0 recovery project. He did so remotely and was fantastic to work with! He was prompt, professional, patient, helpful, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I fully recommend working with him and Data Medics - I know they'll be my first call if I need any assistance in the future.
Eric MacIver
Eric MacIver
17:57 30 Jun 21
Mr. Palmer and Data Medics are quick, communicative, experienced and professional with lots of experience. I am living in Germany and was looking for someone to help me. He was able to identify an issue that many people who I had asked could not identify. He told me the best way to recover the data and his estimation are always correct, work is done quickly. I couldn’t imagine any better expert for this problem and I highly recommend his service worldwide.
Soheil A
Soheil A
16:40 29 Sep 21
After I dropped my external hard drive and it squealed like a dying animal, I bandaged & shipped it to Data Medics. Owner Jeremy Walsh was instantly responsive and provided a realistic prognosis for recovery of any data. He put Zach Lillibridge on the case and this computer "surgeon" forged a miracle. Most of my files were saved! My case is rare and so perhaps lucky, but I believe that the great docs' diligence and skills were at play in the "O.R." at Data Medics. I would trust them-- and The Right Click-- with any and all of my computer hardware and software needs. Don't sweat it, just call Data Medic and The Right Click.
Liz Farrell
Liz Farrell
22:04 03 Mar 22

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