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Data Recovery Instant Online Quote

Please Note: This instant online quote tool has not yet been updated to reflect our 2018 data recovery prices.  Some types of recovery may be less or more expensive based on current prices.  If you have a case currently and would like a more accurate estimate in the meantime please call (401) 400-2425

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Instant Data Recovery Quote Tool Disclaimer

The use of this instant online quote system is not in any way a binding agreement that services will be performed at the quoted rate.  While we make every effort to provide as accurate a quote as possible each case will be individually quoted after a thorough evaluation of the case has been performed by our staff.  This evaluation is generally performed free of charge, after which an actual quote will be provided.  At times a glitch in the instant online data recovery quote system may result in a misleading or wrong value being returned.  Also as prices for our services are subject to change, the quoted value may not always reflect the most current pricing for said services.

Also, factors beyond the questions asked in the system may affect the final cost.  For example in a case of deleted data, the quoted price would typically cover cases where files were deleted from a typical Windows desktop computer but may not include services to recover deleted data from within a virtual disk image used in a VM environment.  For a more accurate understanding of the likely cost to recover your data, please contact us and explain your case to one of our technical staff.

Data Medics reserves the right to quote individual cases on a case by case basis.  This tool is intended for the sole purpose of giving an idea of the most likely price quote you will receive for data recovery services.

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