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EMC Data Recovery

EMC Data Recovery Services

EMC Corporation (stylized as EMC²) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Hopkinton,Massachusetts, US.  They are world renowned for their advancements in SAN technologies, and their products can be found in enterprise applications around the world.  Using proprietary software, operating systems, and even proprietary file systems has allowed the company to meet the very highest demands of big data.  They have even won numerous awards for their storage technologies, and are a leader in new and upcoming RAID technologies.  Data Medics is among a select few companies worldwide who are up to the challenge on handling EMC data recovery cases.

These systems are well designed with multiple layers of redundancy in their data storage design.  Beyond just using simple RAID, they often are configured such that data is stored in multiple virtual RAID SAN sets which are continuously duplicated back and forth.  Therefore failure of EMC SAN units is very uncommon and EMC data recovery is unlikely to be necessary in most cases.

When Everything Goes Wrong on EMC

Despite layers of data redundancy and world class systems to notify of a drive failure, there are times where everything goes wrong.  On a recent case an EMC Clariion unit had two drives fail before the client realized the drive failures.  By the time the drives were replaced and data began rebuilding, a third drive failed.  The unit was configured to a RAID 6 which could only sustain two drive failures and still rebuild.  This might seem like a rare case, but it does happen on occasion.

Fortunately, the last drive to fail was recoverable and the entire EMC array data was restored successfully

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EMC Data Recovery Challenges

The biggest challenges related to EMC data recovery is related to their proprietary RAID and file system structures.  Far from using a typical Reed-Solomon RAID 6, EMC has developed their own RAID 6 algorithms which are actually more efficient in larger arrays than typical RAID 6.  However the challenge is that commercial software which is normally used to build a virtual RAID array and extract the data is unable to work with the system.

Also, EMC doesn’t use a typical file system such as NTFS or EXT3/4.  Although the final logical volumes may be formatted that way.  The systems often use a sort of customized Unix file system and operating system.  I say “often”, because they do vary between series.  Some are actually Linux derivatives, but all are proprietary in some manner or another.

Meeting the Challenge of EMC Data Recovery

Data Medics have been working with a world renowned consultant developing data recovery methods from all sorts of proprietary SAN units.  Including but not limited to:

  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC Symmetrix
  • EMC VNX Storage
  • EMC Celerra

As well as SAN units of other various brands.  EMC data recovery cases are all custom quoted, as they require custom scripted software to be written for each case.  The quote is based on the anticipated number of programming hours that will be required to extract the data from the unit and will vary based on number of drives, number of failures, configuration, and other factors.

The EMC data recovery quote will be provided up front, free of charge, and without obligation to proceed.  Our rates are the best in the business for recovery, and we welcome participation in competitive bids for EMC data recovery projects.


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