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Cost of Data Recovery Prices 2020

Below is our typical data recovery pricing.  Each case is different and an evaluation of the media must be performed to provide a quote.  While we make every effort to keep the price as listed below, special conditions may arise.

Estimates are provided 100% free of charge and with no obligation

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$150 Discount If You're Not In a Rush!

If time is not a factor for your recovery, we offer this excellent discount service.  It’s the same quality service, however, only worked on during our slow periods. 
Discount only applies to single hard drive recoveries.
(please note, no ETA or guarantee of time frame will be provided)

Hard Drives (Hardware is Functional)

Prices are for Priority service of hard drives up to 2Tb in size.  Please see the Extras Section for further details about emergency service and 3Tb+ drives.

Logical Recovery (Moderate)

More Difficult Cases
  • Operating System Has Been Installed Over Previous Data
  • File System is Severely Corrupted
  • Encrypted FileSystems Which Are Corrupted
  • Lost Partitions of Encrypted Volumes
  • RAW Recovery of Custom File Types Not Supported by Commercial Software
  • Only $475 after discount

Logical Recovery (Difficult)

Very Complex Cases
  • Virtual Machine Data Recovery
  • Unusual File Systems Such as UNIX, DVR/CCTV Proprietary Formats Etc.
  • Fragmented File Recovery
  • Very Complex Cases Requiring Large Amounts of Custom Programming or Scripting
  • These Cases are Always Custom Quoted After Evaluation

Hard Drives (Hardware Failure)

Please note that the below prices are based on our Priority Service level.  Emergency services will be quoted higher.

Hardware Tier 2

Data Recovery
$965 + Parts
  • Hard Drives Needing Read/Write Heads Replaced With Good Recovery Odds
  • Hard Drives Requiring Extensive Firmware Repair Work
  • Hard Drives Requiring Other Internal Repairs or With Multiple Issues
  • $815 + Parts after discount
  • Includes Free External HDD for Return of Data

Hardware Tier 3

Data Recovery
$1,100 + Parts
  • High-Density Drives (Especially Seagates) With Low Odds of Successful Recovery
  • Model Specific Challenges Requiring Excessive Clean Room Work to Repair
  • Time-Consuming Recovery Projects That Necessitate Constant Monitoring or Excessive Time to Clone/Image
  • $950 + parts after discount
  • Includes Free External HDD for Return of Data

Hardware Tier 4

Data Recovery
  • Extremely Difficult Cases Requiring Custom Solutions
  • SAS, SCSI or Fiber Channel Hard Drives Requiring Firmware Repair
  • Cases Previously Deemed “Unrecoverable” or Sabotaged by Another Data Recovery Company
  • This Tier is Rarely Ever Quoted
  • Includes Free External HDD for Return of Data

Thumb Drive & Flash Memory Data Recovery

Prices are for devices with a capacity up to 32Gb.  Larger devices may cost extra.

Chip On Recovery

Hardware Level
$350 - 450
  • Drives which are unstable or have a lot of bad sectors
  • Damaged PCB Board or USB Port Damaged However PCB Is Repairable So Memory Can Be Read VIA The Original Controller

Chip Off Recovery

Hardware Level
$500- 900
  • Flash Memory or Thumb Drives Having Failed Control Chips or Severely Damaged PCB Necessitating Direct NAND Memory Reading
  • Price Will Vary Depending on Capacity, Number of NAND Chips, and Nand/Controller Type


All In One Chips
$900- 1600
  •  Thumb Drives Which Do Not Have a Green Printed Circuit Board But Consist Entirely of a Single Chip
  • These Require Extensive Soldering and Circuit Analysis Under a Microscope

RAID Array Data Recovery

All RAID recovery projects are treated as priority projects by default.  For even faster emergency service see the Extras Section

Optical Media

CDs, DVDs, BluRay, Etc.

Floppy & Legacy Media

Prices are for no rush service.  For priority/emergency service see the Extras Section

Extras & Add-Ons

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