Data Medics | About Us

Data isn’t just ones and zeros.  It’s your life, your memories, even your business

We won’t treat it as a piece of hardware, but rather a patient in need of care


Committed to keeping data recovery service within reach of everyone who loses data.  Not just corporate customers.

Forward Thinking

Nearly half of all working hours in our lab are dedicated to research and development to become even better at what we do.

Problem Solvers

Even if another company couldn’t get you data back, we may be able to engineer a custom solution that succeeds where others failed.

Customer Support

We endeavor to keep every customer happy and we still subscribe to the motto: “The Customer is Always Right”

Our Workload

To the right is a breakdown of how much we work on different media types so you can get a sense of what we mostly do here at Data Medics.  Although we primarily specialize in hard drive and RAID data recovery services, we also work on a variety of other storage media types including SSD’s, flash memory, optical media, and much more.

  • Hard Drives (including all devices that use hard drives) 65%
  • RAID Arrays 18%
  • SSD & Flash Memory 12%
  • Other Media 5%

What Our Customers Say

Jared is patient and extremely knowledgable with the advice he gives. instead of trying to sell you the $$$$ service, he investigates and attempts to find the simple solution to data recovery. would definitely recommend.
drechtaber fulmowitz
drechtaber fulmowitz
15:04 07 Oct 17
Excellent Service, Very sharp and intelligent about the situation. Highly Recommended.
Rouj Chalabi
Rouj Chalabi
16:33 06 Jul 17
So far it's been great - Jared took the time and patience to explain everything to me. I've chatted with several companies and he's has been the most helpful.
Connie Struss
Connie Struss
17:07 20 Mar 17
These guys are honest and on the ball. They've helped me with recovery. I've even shared some of their advice with others. But actually a compliment for Data Medics. I run my own business and would recommend these guys any day. If you want my input, I'm at RIINTERCONNECT. COM
David Tremblay
David Tremblay
03:04 05 Jun 15
These are honest and hard working people. So professional. They have answered every question I have had about my computer. Totally trustworthy. You won't be sorry you used Data Medics.Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
14:18 09 Jun 15
Everyone at data medics was so professional, helpful, and pleasant. Their prices are very good compared to other companies that ask way more money. They were also able to recover ALL of my data in just a few weeks. Highly recommended!
Katie Abramski
Katie Abramski
18:43 27 Mar 18
Wonderful help from Jared!
Ale García Bardales
Ale García Bardales
23:43 30 Apr 18

Our Location

Data Medics | Providence Area
1215 Reservoir Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920

Phone: (401) 400-2425
Toll-Free: (844) 4-My-Data
Email: [email protected]

For more ways to contact us, please visit our contact page.

About Us | The Team



President & Lead Technician

Founder and Owner of Data Medics LLC.  As the original Data Medic, he still spends most of his time actually working on hard drives and engineering solutions.



Office Manager

Runs the office side of the business ensuring that everything goes smoothly and the techs can keep working on what they are good at.  If you call, she’s the one most likely to answer.



Company Mascott

Due to his shedding he’s not allowed in the clean room, or the office.  But he does do his best to boost morale and keep everyone in the company happy.

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