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SSD Data Recovery Services

A failed SSD does not need to mean the end of your data
Data Medics can handle your SSD data recovery project

Meeting the demand SSD Data Recovery

Here at Data Medics, we’re committed to offering the best value service at a competitive price.  The demand for quality affordable SSD data recovery services has been growing and we’re eager to meet these demands.  We’ve recently expanded our operational capabilities to be able to offer a greater level of SSD recovery services to our customers nationwide.

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Signs of a Failed SSD

Unlike hard drives that often begin to act strangely before a total failure, SSDs typically give no warning whatsoever.  It’s common for an SSD to work perfectly fine one day, then the next day the computer just fails to boot.  Often, the computer will just hang at the BIOS or UEFI post screen as long as the SSD remains connected.

Because an SSD is essentially like a mini RAID array of NAND chips, a lot of math is happening every time data is read/written to it.  All it takes is one NAND chip to malfunction and it’s suddenly going haywire.  The most typical symptom of a failed SSD is that its firmware will malfunction due to a degraded NAND chip or bad sectors and it’ll hang in a busy state.  Because the computer is receiving a constant busy signal from the SSD, it usually just locks up the machine until it is removed.


The Challenge of SSD Recovery

Spinning platter hard disk drives have been in use for over 50 years.  So there has been plenty of time for experts to develop data recovery technology to meet the demand for data recovery.  By comparison, SSDs are very new to the world scene.  This presents a significant challenge when things go wrong and data recovery is required.

Because we’re committed to providing a complete service to our resellers and IT service providers, we’ve taken the plunge and greatly expanded our capabilities in this regard.  Having purchased tools and technology from as far away as Russia, we are now able to offer recovery from failed SSDs of nearly all major brands and models.

Typically, recovery from SSDs involves first putting the drive into a special factory kernel mode.  Next, a custom data recovery firmware is uploaded into the SSD’s controller and RAM.  This custom data recovery firmware code allows us to direct read the NAND chips, build logical data translation tables, and ultimately extract and rebuild the original data.


What People Say About Us

Jared is patient and extremely knowledgable with the advice he gives. instead of trying to sell you the $$$$ service, he investigates and attempts to find the simple solution to data recovery. would definitely recommend.
drechtaber fulmowitz
drechtaber fulmowitz
15:04 07 Oct 17
Excellent Service, Very sharp and intelligent about the situation. Highly Recommended.
Rouj Chalabi
Rouj Chalabi
16:33 06 Jul 17
So far it's been great - Jared took the time and patience to explain everything to me. I've chatted with several companies and he's has been the most helpful.
Connie Struss
Connie Struss
17:07 20 Mar 17
These guys are honest and on the ball. They've helped me with recovery. I've even shared some of their advice with others. But actually a compliment for Data Medics. I run my own business and would recommend these guys any day. If you want my input, I'm at RIINTERCONNECT. COM
David Tremblay
David Tremblay
03:04 05 Jun 15
These are honest and hard working people. So professional. They have answered every question I have had about my computer. Totally trustworthy. You won't be sorry you used Data Medics.Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
Gayle Patalano
14:18 09 Jun 15
Everyone at data medics was so professional, helpful, and pleasant. Their prices are very good compared to other companies that ask way more money. They were also able to recover ALL of my data in just a few weeks. Highly recommended!
Katie Abramski
Katie Abramski
18:43 27 Mar 18
Wonderful help from Jared!
Ale García Bardales
Ale García Bardales
23:43 30 Apr 18
Friendly and knowledge staff.
Allen Breyette
Allen Breyette
07:56 23 May 18
I couldn't be happier with the service and the counseling, as they talked me off the cliff. Great Job, thanks again!
The Nice Company Bryn
The Nice Company Bryn
21:21 18 Jul 18
Excellent service at a great price!
Greg Greenwell
Greg Greenwell
17:40 26 Sep 18
This is a very professional company. They go through all scenarios, exceptional service at offIce.
Mary Raum
Mary Raum
22:14 18 May 19
Without them, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve any information from my old laptop, nor would I have my photos of Sally ( my dog who recently passed) back
Falkon Punch
Falkon Punch
21:07 29 Aug 19
Without them, I wouldn't have been able to retrieve any information from my old laptop, nor would I have my photos of Sally ( my dog who recently passed) back
Falkon Punch
Falkon Punch
21:07 29 Aug 19
Very EXCELLENT work! Highly recommend ??
Alix Cornay
Alix Cornay
13:16 30 Oct 19
Great service - Was able to get my pictures of my kids back. Thanks again! Hopefully i do not need the service again.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown
17:17 20 Mar 20
I have brought 3 drives to this company in last 2 years. They recovered only one of them, the first one. Each time they charged me for parts couple hundred $ per drive. It took them over a month to get back with final result. I have sent the last drive to NJ and they were able to recover 60% of the data. I am very upset. This is not a good business.
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
18:16 23 Dec 19
Jared was kind enough to answer a lot of questions by email without me being a customer. He is an absolute expert who is extremely customer-friendly. I really appreciate that. Really great!
Tim Frezen
Tim Frezen
17:47 20 Jun 20
Jared worked with me on a RAID0 recovery project. He did so remotely and was fantastic to work with! He was prompt, professional, patient, helpful, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I fully recommend working with him and Data Medics - I know they'll be my first call if I need any assistance in the future.
Eric MacIver
Eric MacIver
17:57 30 Jun 21
Mr. Palmer and Data Medics are quick, communicative, experienced and professional with lots of experience. I am living in Germany and was looking for someone to help me. He was able to identify an issue that many people who I had asked could not identify. He told me the best way to recover the data and his estimation are always correct, work is done quickly. I couldn’t imagine any better expert for this problem and I highly recommend his service worldwide.
Soheil A
Soheil A
16:40 29 Sep 21
After I dropped my external hard drive and it squealed like a dying animal, I bandaged & shipped it to Data Medics. Owner Jeremy Walsh was instantly responsive and provided a realistic prognosis for recovery of any data. He put Zach Lillibridge on the case and this computer "surgeon" forged a miracle. Most of my files were saved! My case is rare and so perhaps lucky, but I believe that the great docs' diligence and skills were at play in the "O.R." at Data Medics. I would trust them-- and The Right Click-- with any and all of my computer hardware and software needs. Don't sweat it, just call Data Medic and The Right Click.
Liz Farrell
Liz Farrell
22:04 03 Mar 22

Failed SSD Data Recovery Services Offered

Among many others, here’s a few of the common SSDs we can recover data from.  Even if they have failed and are no longer recognized by the computer we can still work with these models:

  • Samsung 470
  • Samsung 840
  • Samsung 840 EVO
  • Samsung 840 PRO
  • Samsung 850 PRO
  • Samsung PM840
  • Samsung PM841
  • Samsung PM851
  • Samsung CM871
  • Micron C300
  • Micron C400
  • Intel X18
  • Intel X25
  • Intel 320
  • Intel 710
  • Corsair Neutron
  • Corsair Extreme

And many more….

  • OCZ Vertex
  • OCZ Solid 2
  • OCZ Vector
  • OCZ Triton 100
  • OCZ Triton 150
  • Intel 510
  • Crucial M225
  • Crucial M550
  • Crucial MX100
  • Crucial MX200
  • Crucial M4
  • Crucial V4
  • Crucial C300
  • Crucial C400
  • Crucial M500
  • Seagate 600
  • Toshiba Q300
  • Sandisk X300
  • Sandisk Ultra II
  • Sandisk Ultra Plus
  • Sandisk Genesis
  • Sandisk Vulcan
  • Sandisk X110
  • Kingston SSDNow
  • Kingston HyperX
  • Kingston A400
  • Kingston SMSM15S3
  • Plextor M3
  • Plextor M3 Pro
  • Plextor M5s
  • Plextor M5 Pro / Extreme
  • Patriot Blast
  • Patriot Blaze
  • Patriot Spark
If you don’t see your SSD model listed here, don’t worry.  There are many more models we can work with that aren’t listed.  Many SSDs on the market today are actually re-branded under different names.  So, if you have one of a brand you don’t see, it could have just been sold under a different label.

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