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Emergency Data Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery

Lost data that you need back in a hurry? Data Medics professional data recovery services company in Cranston, RI can help. We have local data recovery professionals standing by to get your data back fast.  We even offer emergency services where we will work through the night and over the weekends to get your data back as quickly as possible.

Even failed RAID arrays can often be recovered and have the data extracted within a single night.  Our technicians are always available to help you get your data back.

Need Fast Data Recovery, But Don’t Want to Pay a Fortune?

Many data recovery laboratories tack on an extra $500 or more extra for emergency data recovery service, and businesses are forced to pay because they don’t have time to wait. Fortunately there’s a lab right here in Rhode Island that can quickly and effectively recover your data even from a hard drive that is clicking or not spinning. We charge a flat $150 extra for priority/emergency service and will work on your project before any others lower urgency projects we currently have. If we can’t get the data back, not only is the emergency fee waive, but the entire cost of the service is too.

Free Emergency Data Recovery Evaluation

Before you write your data off as lost, stop in for a free evaluation to see what we can do for you. You’ll be given a no commitment evaluation outlining the likelyhood of a successful recovery, the cost (if successful), and an estimated turnaround time. If the cost is too high, you can simply decline and take back your media no questions asked.

Real Local Data Recovery Experts in Our Lab

Don’t be fooled by certain shops offering “Emergency Data Recovery” service that are actually just tied in with another out of state company. Most of these are little more than mailing stations getting a commission for mailing your media somewhere else. At Data Medics we handle 99.9% of all data recovery work in-house. Even completely failed hard drives and RAID arrays are easily handled by our team here in Cranston.

Visit the contact page above to talk with a data recovery professional right now.

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