Free Hard Drive Wiping Services

Data Danger - Free HDD wiping serviceThat pile of old junk hard drives could have the potential to cause you real harm.  Identity thieves and hackers can dig information out of an old old drive and use it to steal the identities of your organization’s employees.

Just erasing the data is not enough.  Even formatting it isn’t a sure way to destroy it.  The data must be securely wiped, so it can’t be recovered.

To be sure your data is gone forever and can’t be recovered, why not have a team of data recovery experts handle erasing the data for you.  The hard drive wiping service is completely free.

Free Hard Sanitizing Service

When it comes to disposing of those old drives you basically have four options.

  1. You can pay for data destruction service – Expensive $$$ (costs per drive)
  2. You can pay for data destruction software – Costs money and is time-consuming
  3. You can just smash the drive – Messy and certainly not environmentally friendly
  4. Or…. Send it to us for free sanitizing.

How Secure is the Wiping Process?

We wipe all drives to D.O.D. (Department of Defense) standards. This standard goes far beyond current data recovery technology, it plans ahead for theoretical future tech as well.  Even during the wiping process, the drives are generally wiped using hardware tools that operate independently of a computer.  So, not even our techs will ever see your data.

We are in the business of data recovery, and we are absolutely certain that data we wipe can never be restored afterward by anyone, not even by us.

How is the Service Free?

As a data recovery lab, we very often need donor parts from hard drives to handle our work.  E.G. chips, read/write heads, motors, circuit boards, etc.  So we stock a large inventory of drives to pull parts from, and we even sell parts to other labs around the world for their work.

The only payment we receive for the free hard drive data wiping and destruction service is the salvage of the parts after the destruction is complete.  That’s right, we just want your old junk hard drive, even if it has bad sectors.

How fast is the HDD Wiping Service?

Generally we get the drives wiped and certificates emailed out to you within a week of receiving the drives and authorization form.  However if you send in a large quantity of drives at once (or at the same time someone else does this) it can take longer as the equipment can only handle so many drives at a time.

Ready To Proceed

If you are ready to proceed with ordering free hard drive data wiping service please follow the instructions below.

Ready to Proceed

Download and print the below request form.


Fill it out and send it along with the hard drives you want wiped to this address:

Data Medics

1215 Reservoir Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920


After we receive the media we will wipe it and return the free hard drive wiping certificate(s) to your email address

Have Questions?
Please Call 1 (401) 400-2425

Sample Report

Single Hard Drive Wiping Certificate (if you only send in one or two drives)

Multi-Drive Certificate (if you send in a lot of drives)

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