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Free Hard Drive Wiping Services

Data Danger - Free HDD wiping service Old hard drives could have the potential to cause you real harm.  Identity thieves and hackers can dig information out of an old drive and use it to steal your identity or that or your employees.


Just erasing the data is not enough.  Even formatting it isn’t a sure way to destroy it.  The data must be securely wiped so it can’t be recovered.  Many drives sold on eBay are full of personal and business data that can be recovered using free or inexpensive software.

To be sure your data is gone forever and can’t be recovered, why not have a team of data recovery experts handles erasing the data for you?  The hard drive wiping service is completely free for SATA hard drives (the most common interface)

Free HDD Wiping Service

When it comes to sanitizing your drives, you have basically four options:   

  1. Pay for HDD sanitization (expensive $$$)
  2. Buy software and do it yourself (time-consuming)
  3. Smash the drive (not eco-friendly)
  4. Let us do it for Free!

Okay, so not all drives are free but the most common interface type is.  So most likely whatever drives you have there would be free.  Very old type PATA or IDE and server drives such as SAS and SCSI do incur a small per drive charge.

How Secure is the Wiping Process?

While the specific wiping method used will vary depending on the HDD or media type, all drives are wiped using a method which guarantees the data can never be recovered by any present or future data recovery technology.

It may include methods such as multi-pass overwriting (e.g. D.o.D), factory self-scan, secure reset (in the case of SED devices), physical destruction / degaussing, or another comparable method.

We are in the business of data recovery, and we are absolutely certain that data we wipe can never be restored afterward by anyone, not even by us.

How is the Service Free?

We are primarily a data recovery company.  As such, we routinely need HDD parts to use in recovering people’s data.  After drives are sanitized, whatever parts are still good are kept in our inventory and helps save our customers money.

So the HDD sanitizing service is performed for the salvage of the parts after it is complete.  That’s right, we just want your old junk hard drive, even if it has bad sectors.

SATA drives are free because we need those the most.  It’s the most common type of drive and the most common to need data recovery.

Other drives, such as very old IDE drive and server drives are not needed as often and thus we have to charge a small per drive fee for sanitizing those.

The Cost of Data Sanitization


SATA Drives – FREE in any quantity
Click here to see an example of a SATA interface
These are the most common type found in modern PC and Mac computers


  • IDE or PATA (old ribbon cable) – $3/ea
    • Click here to see an example of IDE/PATA
  • SCSI (server drives) – $6/ea
    • Click here to see examples of SCSI
  • SAS (server drives)- $6/ea
    • Click here to see an example of SAS

Sample Report

Single Hard Drive Wiping Certificate (if you only send in one or two drives)
Multi-Drive Certificate (if you send in a lot of drives)

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