Data Medics is a full service resurrection laboratory conveniently located in Cranston, RI. Though we enjoy working  with our fellow Rhode Islanders’ especially those from Warwick we also receive hard drives from all over the country. We find that many of our Warwick customers are very pleased having a local lab in Cranston, RI.  Loosing files is a very stressful experience and usually one that comes at the most inconvenient time. But be assured not all files that are lost are gone permanently.  Most likely your files are still there and we can recover them from software level to hardware level recovery. We even do RAID recovery in our lab. Our customer base is generally both businesses and individuals. So whether your a business needing bookkeeping files back or an individual please call today. Warwick data recovery specialists located in Cranston RI.

Due to Staffing Issues:We are unable to accept new cases at this time. If you have a recent case that was being handled by The Right Click, please contact them directly: (401) 783-0613


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