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Warwick Data Recovery Specialists

  data reocovery Data Medics is a full service resurrection laboratory conveniently located in Cranston, RI. Though we enjoy working  with our fellow Rhode Islanders' especially those from Warwick we also receive hard drives from all over the country. We find that many of our Warwick customers are very pleased having a local lab in Cranston, RI.  Loosing files is a very stressful experience and usually one that comes at the most inconvenient time. But be assured not all files that are lost are gone permanently.  Most likely your files are still there and we can recover them from software level to hardware level recovery. We even do RAID recovery in our lab. Our customer base is generally both businesses and individuals. So whether your a business needing bookkeeping files back or an individual please call today. 

Free Evaluation for Warwick Customers

Everyone nowadays knows about installing backup systems. This is important in the event of a crises the backup can protect your critical files from being lost. But even backups fail at times, due to being out dated or missing or incomplete. However if you have experienced hard drive failure it may not be a total loss very likely your files are still there and recoverable.  For us to evaluate your hard drive there is no charge. The tech who is assigned to your case will troubleshoot what went wrong with your hard drive absolutely free. This entire process can take between 2-3 hours so we encourage leaving your hard drive with us for that time. After which you will be provided a quote to retrieve you files and a quote if any donor parts are required as well. At this time if you decide to proceed with the recovering your files you will only be required to pay for donor parts to start the process. Not all hard drives have extensive damage that require donor parts, but some do. This would all be outlined up front in your quote.

We also provide a guarantee if we can not get your files back we do not charge a dime for our labor. Would you like more information to get a free no risk evaluation call us today at (401) 400-2425. We look forward to hearing from you!

Affordable Data Recovery | Warwick, RI

We offer flat rate recovery fees which you can view on our website. You will see our rates are very affordable we can do this because we are a direct provider of recovery services. It is not true that you must pay exuberant high prices to get your files back anymore. However there are still large companies that need to pay a large overhead, a larges sales team and advertising team.  We do business another way, we keep a low overhead so as to offer affordable prices to our customers. We do a lot of work with businesses within RI and the Warwick area.  But we also like working with individuals and getting back those precious baby pictures. 

About Our Data Recovery Techs Servicing Warwick

Our data recovery technicians operate in a state of the art laboratory. Most labs operate a Class 100 clean room, in our lab you would find   It is 100 times cleaner than Class 100.  Our technicians are well trained and qualified to use our top rated tools we have in house. For instance in our lab we operate using an ISO Class 3 clean room. This is a highly important skill in order to get your files back. Our technicians are professionals in the data recovery field. They know the ins and outs of the trade so to speak.  For instance an important fact a hard drive must never be opened outside of a clean room. If the hard drive is opened outside of the clean room environment this can induce further damage to it. Just from one single dust particle landing on the platter.  This is just one skill of the trade that a professional would always follow. Never allow anyone to open your hard drive outside of a clean room.  Our techs truly love the field they are in even on their own time they continue to do further research into the newest techniques and advancing technology for file recovery.  Once our lab receives your hard drive a technician will be assigned to retrieve your files.  That technician will work with you and keep you posted every step of the way. They are all specialist and will work harder than anyone in order to recover your files. Our lab that services Warwick area is centrally located in Cranston, RI (just 20 minutes from Warwick).  You can drop your hard drive off between the hours of 1:00 - 5:00 Monday - Thursday.

Data Medics | Lab Servicing Warwick RI

1215 Reservoir Avenue

Cranston, RI 02920

Walk-in Hours: Monday - Thursday 1:00 - 5:00


Schedule an appointment: (401) 400-2425

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Warwick Businesses

We are now offering a reseller program to businesses in Warwick, Rhode Island. As a reseller you will receive a 10% discount on all labor for any of our data recovery services.  You can see our already low prices here.  This program allows resellers to offer data recovery to their customers using our advertising materials. And if you're willing to put an image link or text link on your homepage to our website, you will be entitled to a discount of 20% off labor prices rather than ten percent.
To qualify to become a reseller you have to represent a computer repair, or IT support business. It's that simple.
The reseller program is only available to businesses.

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