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Plymouth, MA Data Recovery Specialists

data reocovery Data loss is all too common today. That is why maintaining data files is so extremely important especially for business owners. Business owners go to great lengths to backup their files using several different options that are available today.  Unfortunately  though, all too often it's discovered that the backups are incomplete, out-of-date, or even missing entirely.  If this has happened to you, you have come to the right place. Your files may seem lost but in most cases they just need a professional to resurrect them. At Data Medics we have professionals that do just that. So if your data is critical to you and it must be recovered come to Data Medics. We specialize in all types of recoveries. From software recovery to hardware level and even RAID. All data recovery work is performed in our lab, not sent out.

Affordable Data Recovery Rates Plymouth, MA

Some people feel since their data is important they should pay higher prices (into the thousands) to recover it. We know your data is important to you, and it's important to us as well. However we charge realistic labor prices to our business clients and residential clients alike. Because Data Medics is a direct provider of data recovery services, we have no need for an advertising budget as most of our work comes from computer repair business from Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  So unlike other huge companies which have a large overhead with advertising costs, driving prices of data recovery sky high we can keep our prices affordable and our customers happy.

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Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee in Plymouth

Avoid wasting weeks of company downtime waiting to get an evaluation.  We generally have an evaluation complete within 24 hours of receiving the hard drive. We even offer expedited or emergency services. For those in a rush!  We offer a COMPLETELY FREE no limit evaluation.  The evaluation is essential in order to provide you a quote for recovery.  Don't worry though if you have any questions a technician is always available to speak with you.  Once you receive the quote and you decide your data is not worth saving after all, you're welcome to decline no questions asked, and your hard drive will be returned to you.  If you choose to proceed, the only upfront charge is the cost for any parts if needed (which are non-refundable), the labor is charged at the completion of recovery.

Also we have a guarantee that if we can't get your files back, we will not charge for our labor.  We share the risk with you...that's how good we are.

Why Data Medics | Plymouth, MA?

We provide a customer focused business model that provides a better system of communication and attention than you will ever get from another company. Our phone lines are open 24/7 with our own staff that answers the lines not a service center. Plus we truly care about our customers.  With Data Medics, you will receive personal attention, 24/7 support, skilled technicians working to get your data back, and we value honesty in all our dealings with our customers.  

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