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McAfee Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery

McAfee Endpoint Encryption Solution provides a secure way for enterprise companies to protect sensitive data.  It safeguards from data loss / breach, theft by employees or contractors, and other behavior that could put data at risk.  While these safeguards are critical in today’s cyber age, they pose real problems in a data loss situation.

Need data recovery from a failed hard drive or RAID array using McAfee Encryption?

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The Challenge of McAfee Endpoint Encryption Data Recovery

Data recovery of deleted files is dependent on having raw access to unencrypted sectors.  When data is encrypted it is scrambled using a cipher text known only to system which is then further scrambled using a user password or token key.  Lost files are generally identified in one of two ways.  Either they are located by analyzing file system structures, or they are found by their file signatures.  However if the data is encrypted (scrambled) no software or manual technique will be able to properly analyze the data and recover the file(s).

To recover data on media which has been encrypted by McAfee drive encryption requires that the cipher be determined, descrambled using the user password and/or token key, then run against the sectors during the data recovery process.  During this process, the data will become accessible to the recovering technician making recovery possible.  This makes recovery possible, but also means that you should be careful to choose a reputable firm with a secure working process and digital safeguards.

Mcafee endpoint encryption even encrypts removable media and external hard drives that are inserted into Endpoint protected systems.  Sometimes this occurs without the end user even realizing what is actually happening to their data.  This media may then suffer damage, yet lack proper backup due to being removed from the system during backup operations.

Meeting The Challenge To Recover Data After McAfee Encryption

Here at Data Medics we take on the challenging recoveries that other companies avoid.  We have successfully handled cases involving McAfee encryption, and have learned how to work with their systems.  As a full-service data recovery lab, we are able to handle any case no matter what may arise.

Why Data Medics For Your Recovery?

  • Fully Equipped to Handle Even Severe Hardware Failures – Even if it’s a hard drive that’s clicking, not recognized in BIOS, etc. we have the tools, clean room, and expertise to recover the data in-house with no need to send out.
  • Secure Facility With Digital / Procedural Safeguards – We’ve never yet had even a minor data breach in our lab.  Though it’s not required by law we follow a strict chain of custody procedure at every step to be sure data never falls into the wrong hands.
  • Experience Handling McAfee Endpoint Encryption – Many labs may offer to take on a case, but then find themselves hopelessly lost.  Without past experience, a single case may take months of research even for a professional lab.

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