If you’ve landed on this page more than likely yourself, your company or a friend has experienced data loss. Most likely in the Marshfield, MA area. Unfortunately data loss is all too common today. Just from one thunderstorm thousands can loose power resulting in hard drive failure and loosing precious data. That is why maintaining back up solutions is so extremely important especially for business owners. But if you’ve experienced data loss due to your backup solution being incomplete, out-of-date or even missing entirely, you are not alone. If this has happened to you, you have come to the right place. Your files may seem lost but in most cases they just need a professional to resurrect them. At Data Medics we have professionals that do just that. So let Data Medics help you save your data. We specialize in all types of recoveries. From software recovery to hardware level and even RAID. All data recovery work is performed in our lab, in house, not sent out. Data Medics specialists for Marshfield data recovery.

Due to Staffing Issues:We are unable to accept new cases at this time. If you have a recent case that was being handled by The Right Click, please contact them directly: (401) 783-0613


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