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Guaranteed Data Recovery Let’s face it, data recovery can be expensive.  Many labs charge just to look at your hard drive, and still charge a fee even if they can’t get the data back.  However we offer guaranteed data recovery services, where you only pay based on the results.

Here at Data Medics we promise that if we can’t get your data back, we completely waive the recovery charge.  That’s our guarantee and our commitment to getting back your lost data.  That’s how confident we are in our data recovery work.

No Data = No Charge

While we always hope and try our best for a successful recovery at times it’s simply impossible.  We can’t recover data that no longer exists.  Many data recovery labs charge for the time they “waste” on these projects.  They use terms like “lab fee” or “diagnostic fee” to charge when they can’t get the data back.  Not us!  Even though we often lose money spending days working on a project that turns out to be a lost cause we accept full loss of the cost of our time.  The only thing a customer might be out is the fair cost of parts (if any are needed to attempt recovery which is quoted and paid for at the time of authorizing recovery.

Free Evaluation & Fixed Quote

Unlike other labs, we charge nothing to evaluate and diagnose your hard drive or other media.  We’ll determine the likelihood of a successful recovery, labor cost, parts needed, and estimated completion  time all before you pay a dime.  If the quote is too high, you’re free to walk away no questions asked.  Plus once you’re quoted, the labor cost will never change, even if we misdiagnosed the difficulty of the recovery.

What Happens if Only Some Data Is Recovered?

We always want our customers to be happy and try to get every file possible.  If the majority of the data is recovered (70% or more of the total number of files) the full cost of the recovery is still owed.  Most recoveries will have at least a few files that are lost to bad sectors.  However if the recovery is very partial we generally offer our customers the opportunity to preview the recovered data to see if it’s anything worthwhile to them.  If there isn’t any useful data, you (the customer) can call it a loss.  You pay nothing, but don’t get any of the recovered data either.

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