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GoPro Video Recovery Services

If you’ve lost or deleted videos from a GoPro camera SD card, and then later tried to recover them using typical data recovery software you’ve most likely found that the videos are all corrupted.  Even the best data recovery software may seem to only be able to grab segments and short one or two frame clips of your videos.  You’re not alone, it’s a subject that comes up on data recovery forums over and over.  Fortunately your video may well be recoverable.

Professional GoPro SD Card Video Recovery Services

Why GoPro SD Card Video Is Hard To Recover

When a file is typically stored on a computer hard drive or other digital storage media the file is generally stored in one continuous stream of sectors from beginning to end.  Only if a volume to too full might a file become “fragmented” and end up written in two or more places then stitched together by the operating system when it’s accessed.  Most data recovery software assumes files to be continuous and therefore only looks for an opening/closing signature of the file type.  It then assumes that the data in-between is all part of that same file.

GoPro MP4 Fragmentation With GoPro MP4 files however this isn’t the case.  When a GoPro camera is recording to the SD card it creates not only the video stream but it also creates a metadata file to go with the video stream.  However rather than writing the stream to a different part of the card such as at the end, GoPro cameras actually interrupts writing the video and adds in chunks of the metadata as it goes.  The result is that the video files are fragmented from the second they are recorded and contain chunks of alien, or foreign data, that doesn’t belong in the stream.  So long as the file system is in place, your camera and computer can distinguish which blocks of data belong to which file, and when they are copied to your computer the files are then de-fragmented as they copy over.

However if the SD card is formatted or somehow the file system becomes corrupt, you may have a hard time recovering the files.  Data recovery programs will all see the files, but they don’t play after recovery.

How GoPro Video Files Can Be Recovered

Some companies are charging exorbitant prices, as much as $1.50 per minute of video to repair these files.  Fortunately a brilliant data recovery software company in the UK has developed a system that can analyze the video stream and correctly identify which blocks of data do & don’t belong in the video stream automatically.  This drastically has reduced the time such cases take.  Thus our company is able offer GoPro Video Recovery at the low rate of only $175 per complete SD card up to 64GB in size.

Best of all, you don’t even have to mail the SD card if you don’t want to.  Simply contact us and we can provide instructions of how to upload a complete image of the card to our secure server.  From there we’ll extract and de-fragment all the videos and put them back on our server for you to download at your convenience.

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