East Greenwich, RI Data Recovery Specialists

If you’ve landed on this page most likely you are looking for data recovery services.  Look no further, you have come to the right place.  At this point you are probably really stressed out over the loss of your data, and rightly so data is important to everyone in today’s world.  Even though your hard drive may seem like toast, there is a good chance your data is still intact and can be retrieved.  In cases like this you really need a data recovery specialist to assess the situation.  All too often we hear of ‘family friends’ who take the drive and tinker with it until they give up returning the drive in worse shape.  These friends are absolutely wonderful to have when you need computer help, but lets face it, when you have a tooth ache you go to a dentist not a general practitioner. At Data Medics we specialize in data recovery, that’s all we do. All recoveries are done in house, and we specialize in all types of recoveries.  Starting at software level (accidental deletion of files) to hardware level (catastrophic hard drive failure) and even RAID recovery for business clients with servers.  Call Data Medics for East Greenwich data recovery needs (401) 400-2425

Due to Staffing Issues:We are unable to accept new cases at this time. If you have a recent case that was being handled by The Right Click, please contact them directly: (401) 783-0613


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