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Woonsocket, RI Data Recovery Specialists

data reocovery If you are in the "Woonsocket, RI" area then you know how important your data is.  Most businesses today have used backup solutions to protect their important files in the event of a disaster.  Unfortunately the reality is when disaster strikes, all too often the backups are either incomplete, out-of-date, or missing.  Just because your files seem to be lost doesn't mean they are gone forever.  We find that very often the hard drive that failed can still contain your files and the hard drive can be recovered.
In years past your only option for Woonsocket residents and businesses was to spend thousands of dollars and mail your drive from Woonsocket to California for professional to recover your files, but not anymore.  Today Cranston, RI (just a 25 minute drive away) is the home of a professional hard drive data recovery lab - "Data Medics".  Located at the following location: 1215 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920

Drop offs welcome between the hours of Mon - Thurs 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (no appointment needed between these hours)

Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee in Woonsocket

We have a COMPLETELY FREE evaluation process, unlike many labs that will charge into the hundreds just look at your drive.  After the evaluation  we provide a fixed labor quote to recover the files right here in our lab. We do not send your hard drive off to another lab all recoveries take place in house by our own technicians.  If you decide not to proceed with the recovery, you are welcome to decline no questions asked.  If you choose to proceed, the only immediate upfront cost to you is the cost of parts (if needed) to repair / recover files from the failed hard dive.

Plus we offer a guarantee that if we can't get back your files, we don't charge a single penny for our labor.  We are so confident that we can get your files back, we are willing to share the risk with you.

Affordable Data Recovery Rates in the Woonsocket Area

Why can we make our recovery prices so affordable? Well, unlike the large companies out west which have large overhead for advertising & sales support teams.  We directly provide our services to recover your files. We have no need for sales and advertising teams as the majority of our work comes from local computer repair shops and businesses in the Providence and Woonsocket area. So this keeps our overhead much lower, which enables us to pass on great prices to our customers.

Why Data Medics | Woonsocket, RI?

You could mail your hard drive out to some corporate office in Texas or Cali., but why? When you have a local specialist just minutes away.  Data Medics specializes in recovering hard drives. We have a fully equipped lab with all state of the art equipment that has serviced the data recovery needs of individuals & businesses across the country. That's right, even some people/businesses in California and Texas mail their drives here instead of using the bigwigs out there.  Our customer focused business model provides a better system of communication and attention than you will get from anywhere else.  Don't be another number in the system.  We actually care about people and their files. We promise we will try harder than anyone else to get you data back.

Data Medics Data Recovery Woonsocket Location

1215 Reservoir Avenue

Cranston, RI 02920

(401) 400-2425

Hours: Monday - Thursday 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

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