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Looking to find data recovery training videos?  There are some paid data recovery “training courses” which claim to include videos for learning data recovery.  Don’t waste your money, we’ve reviewed some of these and they are all for lack of a better work, scams!  Fortunately we at Data Medics believe that information should be freely shared (within reason) because it make us all better.  That’s why we decided to start a new “data recovery training” video series.

These videos aren’t intended to SPAM some data recovery software, or make promises about a certain tool.  Nor are they to try and up sell our services.  They are of actual data recovery professionals working with professional tools. All videos will be provided completely free, and are available publicly on YouTube.  Below is a sample of the videos we’ll be making as part of this series.

Our first data recovery training video:

Data Recovery Training | Basics of using PC-3000

This first video is just a simple overview of the PC-3000 professional data recovery tool.  It covers just some basics of how PC-3000 functions and what it does.Later on we’ll be adding some more in-depth videos of how to use tools like this as well as cover some advanced data recovery techniques using other software. We’ll also be handling real cases live to provide some data recovery case study videos.

Data Recovery Training | Data Extractor PC3K

We hope you enjoy these data recovery training videos.  You can visit our YouTube channel here and subscribe so you get the latest videos as soon as they are posted.

If you have an idea about something you’d like to learn, please post a comment below and suggest it.  If we like the idea, we’ll add it to the list of data recovery training videos we’re going to create in the coming months.

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