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Hard Drive Info

Model: ST31500341AS
P/N: 9JU138-568
FW: CC71
Date: 09461
Site: TK
Customer describes drive as not spinning.  It was pulled from external hard drive enclosure.

Data Recovery Diagnostic

Due to the fact that the customer describes the drive as clicking our first order of business is to bring the hard drive to the clean room for a visual inspection.  The inspection revealed deep gouges and rings on platter surfaces as pictured below.
Scratched Seagate Platter We recommend that recovery be aborted as the severity of damage makes substantial recovery impossible.  Customer notified data cannot be recovered.  Total charged to customer: $0.00
While cases like this are a minority of the failed hard drives that arrived into our lab for recovery, they do come up.  This nicely illustrates the importance of backing up data.  You cannot rely on the data being recoverable in all situations.

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