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Initial RAID Array Information

RAID Storage Array Number of Disks: 2

Disk 1
Model: ST31000340AS
P/N: 9BX158-303
F/W: SD15
Date: 08363
S/N: 5QJ….

Disk 2
Model: ST31000340AS
P/N: 9BX158-303
F/W: SD15
Date: 08366
S/N: 3QJ….

Notes: Customer says that RAID 1 array suddenly reverted to past state and that all data from past year was lost.

Initial RAID 1 Array Data Recovery Diagnostic Phase

Step 1: Both drives connected to PC-3000 and powered on.  (both drives correctly ID and show correct size)

Step 2: Test read/write of sectors to verify translator (both drives pass)

Step 3: Begin cloning procedure of both drives.  Drive 1 has some slow reading sector areas, however after 2 passes is 100% cloned.  Drive 2 has many slow reading sector areas, and many bad sectors.  Cloning put on hold until customer approves quote.

Step 4: Analyze file system to determine which drive contains target data.  (Disk 2 has 160Gb more data allocated in file table than Disk 1.  It appears that disk 1 went offline approx. 1+ years ago, but came back online as of May 21st when Disk 2 failed)

Notify customer and recommend recovery of Disk 2 only at this point.  Quoted price $500. (Approved)

RAID 1 Data Recovery Phase

Step 1: Initial imaging performed using low timeout setting. (Approx 99% of data extracted)

Step 2:  Second pass imaging using higher timeout setting.  (Drive keeps crashing out and doesn’t reach ready state after soft or hard reset)

Step 3:  Settings adjusted to power cycle drive after reading error.  (Imaging completed after 2 days, approx 3000 unread sectors)

Step 4: Clear sector map, adjust read error jump size to 1, Image unread sectors.  (completed after 1 day with approx 150 unread sectors)

Step 5: Adjust imaging process to reverse setting, clear map, run 4th pass imaging. (completed after a few hours with only 70 unreadable sectors left)

Step 6:  Analyze logical data to verify contents.

Data Recovery 99.9999999% success.

Have a Similar RAID 1 Data Recovery Case For Us?

We’d be happy to provide you a free evaluation and diagnostic of the array to see what we can do to recover your data.  We work on all types of RAID arrays, not just RAID 1.  The evaluation is always free, without obligation, and afterward you’ll be provided a fixed quote to perform the recovery.  Use the contact tab at the top of the page to get in touch with a technician now.

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