In this article we’ll be recovering data from a failed WD My Cloud external NAS which is no longer visible over the network.  See how we recover the data from it by reading the below case study.

Western Digital LogoInitial Drive Information

Hard drive removed from My Cloud Enclosure, internal hard drive found to be the following:WD Red NAS hard drive
Model: WD30EFRX-68EUZN0
Date: 18 NOV 2013
Country: Malaysia
Capacity: 3Tb

Customer describes that NAS became unresponsive and that only a red light appears on the front.  Several firmware updates had been performed previously that had temporally resolved issues the drive was having, however now it’s not completely non-functional.

WD My Cloud Data Recovery Diagnostic

Hard drive removed completely from NAS enclosure.  Connected to PC-3000.  Drive immediately becomes ready and correctly identifies.Backup of hard drive resources completed without errors.  (tracks, modules, ROM)

Task created in data extractor.  File table and sector bitmap scanned without error.

File System is EXT4.  Bitmap reveals approximately 380Gb of used sectors

Customer quoted software data recovery rate of $300 ($450 if expedited)

Quote approved 1/3/2015

Data Recovery Imaging Phase

Data Extractor task re-opened.  Map of used sectors created using sector bitmap.Imaging process started (data cloned 100% with no bad sectors in approx 4 hours)

Clone drive connected to logical data recovery station.  Files extracted using R-Studio to external hard drive.

Percent of data recovered: 100%
Turnaround Time: 3 days (non expedited)
Total Billed to Customer: $300 (+99 for 2Tb external HDD)

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