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In this data recovery case study we’ll be working on an HGST hard drive pulled from a laptop computer that wouldn’t boot to the operating system (Windows).

HGST Hard Drive Logo HGST Hard Drive Information

Brand: HGST
Model: HTS725050A7E630
Firmware: GH2ZB550
LBA: 976773167 (500 GB)
Form Factor: 2.5″ LaptopCustomer provided very little information.  Said laptop couldn’t boot and computer technician was unable to recover data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Free Diagnostic

Hard drive connected to PC-3000 and powered on.  Drive correctly identifies and comes ready.Backup of all hard drive resources performed (completed without any errors)Hard drive checked for sector accessibility within the utility (passed check)

Hard drive file system checked and found to contain bad sectors within the MFT.

Customer Quoted $450 to complete recovery – Customer approved

Data Recovery Phase

Task created in DE to clone drive onto another working hard disk drive.  Task completed with a minimal amount of unreadable sectors, mostly early on the drive.  Primarily only OS and system files appear to be affected.  Plus there were a few bad sectors in the MFT (master file table) causing some folder structure corruption.  However the corruption seems to be minimal and isolated to areas mostly containing Windows system and program files which are not likely to be missed by the customer.  All user data appears to be in good shape.
Drive cloned 99,99%Logical recovery performed to find files/folders lost due to MFT corruption.
Upon inspection, customer found all necessary data to be in-tact.
Total amount billed to customer: $450

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