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Initial Hard Drive Information

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Model: WD6400BVPT-80HXZT3
Family: Zephyr
DATE: 18 AUG 2011
County: Malaysia
OS: Windows 7
Notes: Customer dropped laptop about 2 feet onto hard surface.  Hard drive now clicks once or twice and spins down.

Data Recovery Diagnostic Phase

Step 1: Hard drive inspected inside of clean room.  No visible signs of scratches found on platters, all sliders appear to be securely attached to armature.  Catastrophic failure looks unlikely head damage very likely.

Step 2: Hard drive connected to PC-3000 for further diagnostic.  Drive does not ID after start up.  Attempted head map adjustment in RAM, hard drive still does not ID.  Headmap determined to be 0, 1, 2, 3.

Step 3: Backup of PCB ROM made

Step 4: Attempt access of service area through PC-3000 console.  Drive fails to read SA SPT.  SPT determined to be 1098.   Utility is able to read modules from heads 0 and 1.

Step 5: Read modules by composite reading.  Most modules read, with some having errors.

Step 6: Read modules by ID.  All modules read except for 2 non critical modules.

Step 7: Read SA tracks by composite read.  CYL -255, -254, & -1 read very slowly, all other tracks read without issue.

Notes: Order compatible donor from Zephyr family, attempt smart hot swap using patient SA tracks first before headswap.  Get approval from customer for minimum $500 labor plus cost of donor drive (warn customer of strong possibility of needing headswap after SA repair).

Data Recovery Update 5/26/2014

Customer approved $500 labor quote.

Donor Hard Drive ordered:
Date: 17 AUG 2011
Price: $47.98 (found on Ebay)

Data Recovery Update 5/27/2014

Drive powered on and correctly identified this time, possibly drive was experiencing alignment issues from the drop and realigned its self during the intensive reading of the SA tracks.  Drive now allows sector access without need of hotswap or headswap. (very surprising)

Run head check to verify all heads work –  Pass 100%.

Task Created in Data Extractor

Head map created.

Task completed 3 passes total of ~116,000 unread sectors isolated to 3 concentrated regions.

Percentage of files recovered 99.99%

Recommend re-sell donor drive, or keep for stock.

Bill customer total cost of $500.

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