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Bristol, RI Hard Drive Recovery Specialists

data reocovery If you are computer user in "Bristol, RI" then you definitely know how important your computer hard drive is. Today many businesses have installed backup solutions to protect their critical files in the event of a hard drive failure.  However when disaster strikes, all too often they discover that the backups are incomplete, out-of-date, or missing completely.  When your files are lost due a failed hard drive this doesn't necessarily mean the files gone forever.  Very often the original hard drive that failed may still contain your files and can be recovered in our laboratory near Bristol, RI.

In past years the only option was to spend thousands of dollars and mail your drive from Bristol to a recovery lab in California, but not anymore.  Today Cranston, RI (just 30 minutes from Bristol) is the home of a professional hard drive recovery lab - "Data Medics". 

Data Medics Lab Servicing Bristol RI

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Why Data Medics | Bristol, RI?

Years past there was no professional data recovery lab in RI. So hard drives had to get mailed out west. Not anymore. There is no need to waste postage sending out your hard drive or worry about the possibility of your hard drive getting lost in the mail.  We you are a local Rhode Island recovery laboratory that is just as good if not better than those big companies out west.  We are a full service lab located in Cranston, RI that has serviced the hard drive recovery needs of individuals and companies across the country.  We continue to provide a customer focused business model that provides a better way of communication and attention than you will ever get from any other company.  To the other guys you're just a number in the system.  We really care about our clients and will try harder than anyone else to get you data back.

Affordable Bristol, RI Data Recovery

"Bristol" residents and other "RI" residents (ignore the quotation marks) have been without a professional, local, reputable data recovery lab in their area for years.  This forced Bristol businesses and IT shops around Rhode Island to resort to either paying very high prices sending drives out to a lab in the Boston area, or even mailing the hard drive cross country.  Not anymore!  Data Medics has opened a lab right on 908  Reservoir Avenue in Cranston to serve residents and businesses of the greater Providence, RI area.  No longer do you have to pay those outrageous prices for hard drive data recovery.  Data Medics can get your files back and save you $$$ big time.  Recovering files shouldn't cost thousands of dollars for a single hard drive anymore.  Years ago there wasn't any other options but to go with one of the larger labs that employed teams of engineers to design their own custom solutions.  Today, thanks to the hard work of groups like AceLabs in Russia and DeepSpar in Canada, smaller companies (like us) that have purchased systems can perform the same recoveries for far less $$$.  With just as good, if not better, success rates.  Seeking out a professional technician/company is the best chance you have at getting your files back. We can do this without breaking the bank. But some labs are still tricking people into paying thousands, don't fall for these traps. They do this by "trash talking" the less expensive guys and convincing people they aren't as good.  Simply put, this isn't true. Today it is possible to offer affordable prices and still maintaining all the state of the art equipment and clean room. All the necessities for a successful recovery

Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee in Bristol

Unlike most labs, we offer a COMPLETELY FREE evaluation process. Most labs charge to into the hundreds just to evaluate your hard drive. The evaluation involves a technician looking at your drive trouble shooting to find out what went wrong with it and quoting you a price to get your files back. Here at our lab the entire evaluation process is completely free with us. We suggest leaving the drive with us, as the evaluation can take several hours, at no time will you be billed for this process. Once evaluating the hard drive we will be able to give you an educated up front labor quote. At this point if you decide to opt out of recovery there is no questions asked and your hard drive is given back to you.  If you opt to proceed with recovery, the only upfront money you pay is the cost of donor parts (if needed). Not every repair requires parts this will be determined during the evaluation. Once recovery of your files is complete you are welcome to purchase a hard drive from us for an additional charge or you can supply your own hard drive. All hard drives supplied to us must be completely blank with no other files on it.

Plus we offer a guarantee that if we can't get back your data, we don't get paid a single penny for our labor.  We are so confident that we can get you're data back, we are actually willing to share the risk with you.

Affordable Data Recovery Rates in the Bristol, RI Area

So why can we make our prices so reasonable? Simply said, unlike the large companies out west which have such a large overhead for advertising & sales staff.  We are a direct provider of the hard drive recovery services.  We have built up a reputation with local computer repair shops and businesses, the majority of our work comes from them. So we don't have to tack on advertising cost to any of our customers. We like it that way, and so do our customers. 

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