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Data Medics data recovery company in Cranston, RI is now offering a revolutionary jpeg repair service to repair damaged jpeg files.  It’s a common occurrence that after images are recovered professionally they contain bad sectors which corrupt and distort the images.  Commercial software promising to repair such files has sadly fallen quite short of being able to repair files in such a condition.  However we’ve discovered a way to manually repair the stream, and fill in the missing areas with approximated blocks of data.

The results can be quite impressive as demonstrated here:

Repaired JPEG #1

This is a file with about 10 missing sectors in three locations using 512 byte sectors.

Damaged JPEG Image 1 JPEG Repair Service Image 1







Repaired JPEG #2

In this case there are only three bad sectors, however they are 4K sector size (8x larger sectors) so the file is even more damaged by the missing sectors.

Damaged JPEG Image 2 JPEG Repair Service Image 2







This JPEG Repair Service is Manually Done

We’ve already been asked by a number of data recovery labs if we are going to produce a commercial tool which can produce this result.  Unfortunately this isn’t going to be possible as it requires manual work to adjust and fix the image using various tools.  So a batch repair is unlikely to ever be possible that way.  For now we are offering this only as a service.  The standard price of this service is $10/image however the cost can be higher in certain very difficult cases.

If you represent a data recovery firm and think you’ll need this service on a regular basis, or as a resale option, please contact us for special re-seller rates.


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