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Data Medics LLC of Providence, RI is now the holder of a registered trademark for the name “Data Medics” ®.  Since 2011 Data Medics has been providing professional data recovery services from failed hard drives and RAID arrays under the business name.

Effective Jan 19, 2016 the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded registration of the service mark under Class 42.  Specifically for Computer Services, Namely, Data Recovery Services.  You can see a photo of the actual certificate here on this page.  The application for a trademark was filed on June 15, 2015 and awarded just six months later.  The official listing can be seen here on the USPTO website:

Although there may be other computer service companies currently using the name, none have been given permission to do so as of yet.  Data Medics LLC has trademarked the name in preparation to offer data recovery franchise options to partner companies who wish to do business under the service mark.  If you are currently operating a company that might be infringing by using this mark, please contact us immediately to seek legal permission to continue such use.

Motivation Behind Registering The Service Mark

As our company continues to grow in our customer base, we’ve branched out into more and more states.  We now have business partners from Rhode Island all the way to California, as well as a number of international customers.  Our aim is to lock down the brand name to prevent other competing companies from attempting to capitalize on our brand and misrepresent their services as being ours.

Already this trademark has been used to shut down one website which was falsly representing itself as “Data Medics” and even stealing content from our website to use on theirs.

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