Bitcoin Data RecoveryData Medics professional data recovery service provider in Cranston, RI is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for any and all of their data recovery services.  This adds just one more service you can now buy with the popular ever growing crypto-currency bitcoin.

So if you’ve been mining and collecting bitcoin, or just have some extra you’d like to spend and need data recovery service, you’ve come to the right place.

Where you can get Bitcoin?

Many people have used computer hardware to “mine” for the currency thus getting free bitcoin (though some electricity investment is required).  However for most of us who haven’t gotten involved in that, it may be easier to simply purchase this anonymous currency through a currency exchange such as  Just remember that this new currency is quite volitle, and the value may change rapidly (usually going up in value).  If paying for data recovery services, we use the current exchange rate as calculated by to calculate how much coin equates to the invoiced amount you were quoted for the recovery.

Bitcoin Data Recovery Service

Want to learn more about the data recovery services we offer.  Please visit our homepage or other pages on our site using the navigation bar above to find out more about our services.  Don’t worry, you can always pay with regular old boring money if needed.  Bitcoin is just another form of currency we’ve decided to accept in addition to cash, credit cards, and business checks.  We offer free evaluation of any media, and a guarantee that if we can’t get back the data you won’t be charged the recovery fee.  And after you’re quoted, the price will never change.

Note: Quotes are all given in USD, and converted to bitcoin at the time of payment.

Important COVID-19 Notice:


We are not allowing customers into our office at this time,we are only accepting projects by mail or via a dropbox by our front door.


You can submit a case to us by using the link below. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (401) 400-2425.


Thank you for your understanding

To submit a case online, please visit this page of our site: Submit Case Online

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