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Charlestown, RI Hard Drive Recovery Specialists

data reocovery Today it is so important to use backup systems. Backups are designed to protect critical files from being lost or erased in the event of a disaster. However when a disaster does strike, all too often it is discovered that the backups are incomplete, out-of-date, or just missing.  When files are lost due to a failed hard drive this does not necessarily mean they are gone forever.  Very often the hard drive that failed can still contain the files and can be recovered in our laboratory near Charlestown, RI.

Today Cranston, RI is the home of a professional hard drive recovery lab - "Data Medics". 

Data Medics Lab Servicing Charlestown, RI

1215 Reservoir Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920
 (Hours Mon - Thurs 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

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Why Data Medics | Charlestown, RI?

"Charlestown" residents & business have been without a local, skilled, reputable recovery lab in their area for years. This has led many businesses to mail out their failed hard drives to companies out West who specialize in this trade. Well not anymore. Sending your hard drive off in the mail is a thing of the past now. We are a full service local Rhode Island lab that specializes in data recovery. We are just as good if not better than those other companies out west.  Our staff constantly puts forth the effort to provide a customer focused business model that provides a better way of communication and attention than you will get from anywhere else.  To the other guys you're just another job in the system, but we care about our customers and we will try harder than anyone else to get their data back.

When a hard drive fails it is important to seek out a professional recovery lab. A lab who specializes in data recovery will have all the equipment needed to perform recovery including a clean room.

So why choose Data Medics? We are honest. We are experienced. We are local. This is what we specialize in. And we have the best prices in the region.

Affordable Charlestown, RI Data Recovery

 Years past there wasn't a professional data recovery lab in Rhode Island.  Since there was only a few recovery labs in the country it forced Charlestown residents and IT shops around Rhode Island to resort to paying exuberant high prices . Data Medics has opened a full service lab right on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston.  With a highly skilled team of technicians who can get your files back and save you time and money.  We have invested in the best state of the art recovery equipment featuring an ISO Class 3 clean room. 

Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee in Charlestown

Unlike many labs, we are offering a COMPLETELY FREE evaluation on the hard drive. Most labs charge into the hundreds to do the evaluation, with us its completely free. Evaluation involves a technician trouble shooting to find out what went wrong with the hard drive and providing you a quote to get the data back. Here at our lab the entire evaluation process is completely free. The evaluation can take several hours, so we suggest leaving the drive with us. Once you are provided a quote you can decide if you want us to proceed with the recovery or not. If  you opt out of recovery there is no questions asked and your hard drive is given back. You will not be billed for our services.  If you choose to proceed, the only upfront money you pay is the cost of donor parts (if needed). Not every repair requires donor parts the techs will determine this during the evaluation. Once complete you are welcome to purchase a hard drive from us for an additional charge, or you can supply your own hard drive. If you supply your own hard drive it must be completely blank with no other files on it. You will receive your files back on this drive.

Here's the best part -  we offer a guarantee that if we can't get back your data, we don't get paid a single penny for our labor. 

Affordable Data Recovery Rates in the Charlestown, RI Area

Why are our prices so affordable? Unlike the other companies out west which have a large overhead for advertising & sales staff team.  We are a direct provider of recovery services. Plus we have a great reputation with local IT businesses and computer repair shops. The majority of our work comes from locals. So we don't have to tack on any advertising cost to our customers. We like it that way, and so do our customers. 

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