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Choose Data Medics for Your Recovery Needs in Central Falls!

  data reocovery Data Medics is a full service data recovery laboratory locally owned in Cranston, RI. Though we enjoy working locally with our fellow Rhode Islanders' we do receive recovery jobs from all over the country. We find that many of our Rhode Island customers are very happy having a local recovery lab. We now offer a reseller program to computer businesses. If you are interested in finding out more information on how to become a reseller for Data Medics please scroll to the bottom of our home page and click on customer portal. We would be happy to help you over the phone as well...just call (401) 400-2425. Loosing files is a very stressful experience and usually one that comes at the most inconvenient time. But be assured not all files that are lost are gone permanently.  Most likely your files are still there and we can recover them from software level to hardware level recovery. We even do RAID recovery in our lab. Our customer base is generally both businesses and individuals. So whether your a business needing bookkeeping files back or an individual please call today.  For those in a real hurry we do offer emergency services for Central Falls customers.

About Our Lab Servicing Central Falls

Our data recovery laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology. Most labs operate a Class 100 clean room, in our lab you would find an ISO Class 3 clean room.  It is 100 times cleaner than Class 100.  We take the time to invest in the highest quality tools and training in order to get your files back. We do this because we value our customers and their data. In our lab we offer the highest level of communication and attention that you deserve. From the moment your drive is in our lab we treat it as a patient and keep you informed of the progress every step of the way. We take security of our lab very seriously. We have a waiting room and a reception area where customers are able to sit. Only Data Medics employees are allowed in our laboratory. Employees entering the lab must leave all personal electronics laptop, cell phone, tablet outside the lab. And they are not allowed to remove any items that are in the lab. For more information on sending your drive  to our lab please click on the "Order Recovery" tab at the top of this page.

We Are Data Resurrection Specialists for Central Falls!

Installing back up solutions have been on the rise for both residential and business owners.  In the event of a crises the backup should protect their critical files from being lost forever. However when a crisis hits, all too often we see that the backups are out dated, incomplete or even missing completely.  If this has happened to you, more than likely the hard drive that failed still contains your files.  You just need a specialist to get your data back. This we can do in our lab located close to Central Falls. No need to mail your hard drive out spending thousands of dollars to recover your precious data. Today Cranston, RI (just 20 minutes away from Central Falls) is the home of data recovery specialists - "Data Medics".  This is very good news for residents and businesses in Central Falls, RI.

Our Guarantee for Central Falls Customers | Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee

More than likely you are searching for a good lab. Most labs that you come across charge to evaluate your hard drive. So just to have a technician look at your drive troubleshoot what wen wrong with it and give you a quote to get your files back, they charge into the hundreds. The entire evaluation process is FREE at our lab.  We perform the evaluation then provide a fixed labor quote to perform the recovery right here in our hard drive recovery lab.  We offer very competitive prices but we do understand that not all data will always be worth. So if you decide to decline no questions are asked.  If you decide to proceed with data recovery, the only upfront money we need to get started is the cost of parts (if needed) to repair / recover files from your failed hard dive.  But, not every recovery needs donor parts. This would be verified during the evaluation process and the cost of the parts would be part of your quote. 

An additional perk we offer a guarantee that if we can't recover your data, we don't get paid at all for our labor.  So we do share the risk with you, but our techs are very confident that they can recover just about anything.

If you would like to talk with one of our technicians call us today (401) 400-2425.

Data Medics Lab Servicing Central Falls, RI

1215 Reservoir Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920

Walk-in Hours: Monday - Thursday 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

All Other Times By Appointment


Call Now: (401) 400-2425
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Quality and Affordability - Things to Remember for Central Falls Consumers:

How High is too High?

So perhaps a company is charging exuberant prices for recovery services, and what exactly is considered too high?  In the past prices were very high reason being there just wasn't many people trained in this field of work. So we were forced to pay whatever the price if we needed our files back. Take for example the area in "Central Falls" .  Central Falls was without a local, skilled, reputable recovery lab for years forcing businesses and IT shops around Rhode Island to resort to paying too high of prices sending drives out to a lab in the Boston area, or even across country. But if a lab is charging you thousands of $ today that is just way too high. Because of the hard work of groups like AceLabs in Russia and DeepSpar in Canada, smaller companies (ones like us) that have purchased these tools can perform the same recoveries for far less $.  With just as high , if not better, success rates.  It is sad that some labs are still charging people thousands of dollars, convincing people that they have to pay more to get more files back.  But don't fall for this scam. Data Medics has now opened a lab right on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston, RI  to serve residents and businesses of the greater Central Falls RI area. Let us help you get your data back and save you $.

How Cheap is too Cheap?

There are some local recovery shops that advertise very low prices on recovering files.  If you see a computer repair shop advertising $150-$300 file recovery, most likely you will get ripped off on the quality of service. At Data Medics we desire to give our customers fair and affordable rates. And we really are the cheapest in the region for this specialized trade. Some computer repair shops advertise extremely low prices however they have no techs that are trained to perform data recovery  or have made any investments in the proper equipment. Beware of this scam, if your files are that crucial to get back you need to bring your hard drive to a professional with proper equipment and proper training to use the equipment. Think about this you would definitely hire a professional if you needed electrical work done in your house or work done on your car. You need a professional for data recovery as well. For instance a professional would know a hard drive must never be opened outside of a clean room. If it is the drive can be further damaged from a single dust particle landing on the platter.  At Data Medics we have state of the art equipment needed for any type of recovery. We use an ISO Class 3 clean room.  A professional would have invested in this equipment and know how to use it.  All of our techs at Data Medics are fully trained and qualified for any recovery that comes our way.

Why is Data Medics Recovery in Central Falls, RI so Affordable?

Why not take a look at our flat rate prices on the "Data Recovery Prices" tab or the "RAID Recovery" tab, located at the top of this page. You may then ask why can we make our rates so affordable? Put simply we are a direct provider of hard drive recovery services. Some large companies out west invest a lot of money in advertising and sales teams, this adds to an already huge overhead.  We try to cut this down so as not to burden our customers with extravagant prices. As mentioned earlier we love doing work with our fellow Rhode Islanders', local computer repair shops, and businesses. We find that we get a lot of great referrals from our wonderful customers. So because our clients are so great to us we try to give back to them and make our prices more affordable in Centrals Falls as well as all of Rhode Island.

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