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Barrington, RI Hard Drive Recovery Specialists

If you own a  business  in "Barrington, RI" then you know it is important to protect your data reocovery computer hard drive. Since your hard drive is the place where your files are stored.  It is even wise to install backup solutions so in the event of a crises the backup should protect your critical business files from being erased. However when a disaster hits, here at Data Medics we often see that these backups are incomplete, out-of-date, or missing.  When your hard drive files are lost due to a number of things it doesn't necessarily mean they are gone forever.  Very often the hard drive that failed can still contain your files and they are recoverable in our lab near Barrington, RI.

For several the only option was to snail mail your drive from Barrington to a professional hard drive recovery lab out in California. Thus spending thousands of dollars to get the lost files back.  Today Cranston, RI (only 20 minutes from Barrington) is the home of "Data Medics" we only specialize in data recovery.

Why Choose Data Medics | Barrington, RI?

 We are a full service data recovery lab.  We started in CT and relocated to Cranston, RI. Getting peoples files back, whether personal or business is all we do.  Throughout the years we have serviced the hard drive recovery needs of individuals as well as companies throughout the country. We are local so why send your hard drive out of state for recovery. Especially when you have a local Rhode Island laboratory that is equipped with state of the art equipment, technology and the skill to use it. We value our customers and their hard drives. Our business model focuses on providing better communication and attention than you will get from anywhere else. We sincerely care about our customers and we will try harder than any other company to get you data back. We realize that loosing files is a very stressful and scary. Whether it's your bookkeeping files or those precious baby files you need to get them back as soon as possible.  We cater to both catastrophes.  Our skilled technicians will work with you to get the recovery started and completed as soon as humanly possible. The tech assigned to you will keep you up to date during the entire recovery process.

To get started today - CALL US - Our phone lines are open 24/7 -  (401) 400-2425

Free Evaluation & Data Back Guarantee | Barrington, RI

May labs will charge to evaluate your hard drive. So just to have a technician look at your hard drive, tell you whats wrong with it and give you a quote, they charge into the hundreds. We always offer a COMPLETELY FREE evaluation.  That's right a skilled technician of Data Medics will evaluate your hard drive completely free of charge. Then we will provide a fixed labor quote to perform the recovery. If from there you decide not to proceed there is no charge, and no questions asked.  If you decide to proceed, only the cost of donor parts (if needed) will be charged upfront, this is non-refundable.  We do not charge for labor until a successful recovery.

Plus we offer a guarantee that if we can't recover your files, we don't get paid at all for our labor.  We are so confident that we can get you're data back, that we are actually willing to share the risk with you.

Why do we offer free evaluation plus great prices? Simply said, unlike some large companies which have a huge overhead for advertising & sale departments.  We are a direct provider of hard drive recovery services.  The majority of our work comes from local computer repair shops and businesses. As well as referrals from past clients.  Which in turn enables us to give affordable quotes to our customers. To get started your data recovery quote call us today at (400) 401-2425.

Data Medics | Barrington, RI Location

Cranston Lab Servicing Barrington, RI

1215 Reservoir Ave.
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