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Looking for professional Areca RAID data recovery?  Then look no further.  Data Medics have been successfully recovering RAID arrays of various types, including Areca controller arrays, for years.  In fact, our technicians are often called upon by other labs to remotely assist with RAID recovery projects.

Areca RAID controller cards are great RAID cards.  In fact, they are what we use here in our lab for out own storage needs (and we have quite large storage needs).  Unlike other RAID controllers which often slow down significantly on more complex RAID types such as RAID 6, RAID 50 or RAID 60, Areca cards are able to handle these array types with almost no performance drop.

These controllers are great about warning whenever there is a drive failure, monitoring drive S.M.A.R.T. status, and quickly rebuilding data should a drive fail.  So failure using Areca controller cards is much lower than other RAID controllers.  Nonetheless, we know that all things can and do fail on occasion.  One common occurrence where Areca RAID data recovery may come up is when a RAID 5 array has a failed disk and a second disk fails during the rebuild.  In such case, the array will become degraded, and then go offline as broken.  Other failures may occur if the system suddenly loses power while the configuration is being changed, the array is being migrated or otherwise altered.

Have A Failed Areca RAID?

The Data Medics Edge for Areca RAID Data Recovery

Unlike many companies who are offering RAID data recovery services, we are a fully equipped data recovery company.  This means that we can handle just about any hard drive failure.  So even if too many drives have failed to successfully rebuild the array, we can almost always extract enough data from enough drives to get a complete recovery.  To date, no Areca RAID array has beaten our technician’s ability to recover the data.

Another edge is that our technicians have successfully deconstructed the metadata which Areca RAID controllers write to the disks.  So while some companies may waste days, even weeks, on just trying to determine the drive order in the array, our technicians can simply read this information from the raw data and know what settings to use.  So in an emergency, we can get your data back faster than anyone else.

Some of the Areca Controllers We Can Work With:

  • ARC-1880
  • ARC-1880i
  • ARC-1880ix
  • ARC-1880ixl-8
  • ARC-1880ixl-12
  • ARC-1882i
  • ARC-1882x
  • ARC-1882LP
  • ARC-1882-ix-12
  • ARC-1882-ix-16
  • ARC-1882-ix-24
  • ARC-1883i
  • ARC-1883x
  • ARC-1883LP
  • ARC-1883ix-12
  • ARC-1883ix-16
  • ARC-1883ix-24
  • ARC-1883i
  • ARC-1883x
  • ARC-1883LP
  • ARC-1883ix-12
  • ARC-1883ix-16
  • ARC-1883ix-24

(And any others you don’t see listed as well)

  • ARC-1110
  • ARC-1120
  • ARC-1200
  • ARC-1201
  • ARC-1203-4I
  • ARC-1203-8I
  • ARC-1212
  • ARC-1222
  • ARC-1264il-12
  • ARC-1234il-16
  • ARC-1284Ml-24
  • ARC-1214-4I
  • ARC-1224-8I
  • ARC-1215-4i
  • ARC-1225-8i
  • ARC-1216-4i
  • ARC-1226-8i
  • ARC-1216-4x
  • ARC-1226-8x
  • ARC-1320-8i
  • ARC-1320-8x
  • ARC-1320-4i4x
  • ARC-1320ix-16
  • ARC-1300-4e

For most standard RAID levels such as RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 10 and RAID 50 data recovery costs around $350 per drive in the array.  For more advanced RAID types such as RAID 6 or RAID 60, the cost may be higher.  If you have any questions regarding our prices or other questions, please feel free to contact us.  Our technicians are always standing by to discuss specifics.

Data Medics | Areca RAID Data Recovery Services

Due to Staffing Issues:We are unable to accept new cases at this time. If you have a recent case that was being handled by The Right Click, please contact them directly: (401) 783-0613


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