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Providence Data Recovery For years “Providence” residents and other “Rhode Island” residents (ignore the quotation marks, they are just for SEO) have been without a reputable, local, professional, affordable data recovery lab in their area.  This forced Providence businesses and IT shops around Rhode Island to resort to either paying ridiculously high prices to send drives out to a lab in the Boston area, or even mail it cross country.  Well not anymore!  Data Medics, formerly a CT based company opened up a lab right on Reservoir Ave. in Cranston to serve the greater Providence, RI area.  So you no longer have to pay those…
outrageous Boston, or California prices for data recovery.  Data Medics can get your data back and save you $$$ big time.  Data recovery shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars for a single hard drive.  Years ago you options we so limited you had no choice but to go with one of the big labs that employed teams of engineers to design their own custom solutions.  Today, thanks to the hard work of groups like AceLabs in Russia and DeepSpar in Canada, smaller companies (like us) that have purchased systems can perform the same recoveries for less $$$.  And with just as good, if not better, success rates.  Unfortunately some labs are still tricking people into paying thousands, and they do this by “trash talking” the less expensive guys and convincing people they aren’t as good.  Simply put, this isn’t true.  It is true that there are some unsavory data recovery labs that advertise some impossibly low prices.  If you see someone advertising $150-$300 data recovery, chances are you’re going to get ripped off on the quality of service.

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