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Dear All,

I got one XQD card with formatted, was having video files (*.MXF). But after a lot of efforts, nothing can get from it. I open it sector view in hex, it was seems like encrypted. I use some software to recover and also i got files which can play in VLC. But all are corrupted files, mixed files(no continuation) .
Any one can have any Idea or experience related to this Sony XQD card, please share your idea here.



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I would guess that the camera which took the video is one of the models that fragments the files along with metadata it creates simultaneously. Most data recovery software can't help because they expect complete files, not fragments. There is one program which specifically addresses this issue. It's CnWRecovery. The demo doesn't exactly work right, but once you buy an inexpensive license for the software it works beautifully in most cases.

Here's the website:
And a review I wrote about it: ... ry-review/

You may wish to contact them regarding whether .mxf is a supported format. I think internally it's similar to .mp4 just with different metadata structure. So even if it doesn't fully support the format it'll likely still find the video and audio streams. You just might be left with an MP4 file instead.


Thank u to all....

I used the s/w "jihosoft "and i got the files but which are corrupted.

Can it possible in Pc3000K ? I tried to add new reference and did the recovery. but files are getting, also size also showing but its not able play... ie corrupted...

If u get any updates let me know...



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I suspect it wasn't able to recover due to the fact that the files are fragmented. I've seen a few cases now where CNWRecovery is the only one that can do it. I actually analyzes the video stream format and removes the foreign metadata that fragments the files. Seriously, I'd give it a shot. A 30 day license is only $20 and if it doesn't work they'll probably refund you.

I just emailed the creator of the program to verify if it will handle that file type.


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OK, I just confirmed with Michael that these files are in fact fragmented by the camera like the GoPro, and that CnWRecovery will work with it. Here's the message he sent back to me:

Dear Jared,

Back in my office now!

I worked MXF videos last year. You are correct that they are fragmented, not as bad as GoPro, but the data is saved in several sections, out of sequence.

CnW has a wizard function to process this type of video.

If there are issues, I am always happy to 'look at' the original memory chip (normally an FTPed image) and help recover the data. There is no charge for this for any customer who has purchased the software.

I hope this helps - I will let you add this to your forum.


Michael Cotgrove
CnW Recovery

So I'd strongly recommend you buy his software and give it a run.


If this is the Michael Cotgrove I am thinking of, I don't think you will find better software for video recovery. Video is notorious for being hard to recover in most software, but Michael has been doing some amazing work for years. If it is, he's been in software longer than video has even been around!
If you need to get data back from XQD card, [glow=red]don't try jihosoft[/glow] file recovery app. There is a [glow=red]100% guarantee you'll be wasting your money[/glow]. Good luck.

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