WD USB to SATA Conversion Compatible PCB Guide

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Has anyone tried using a 2060-771633 board to replace a 771961? I see they are both used by Shrek LT so I would assume they are cross-compatible.


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For work with the USB drives better to connect them to PC-3000 via SATA, ’cause USB connection have a restrictions and a lot of preparations can’t be performed via USB interface.
I have a IDE SATA compatible
701532 ide 701499 Sata
It has internal ROM. PCB dieing after write ROM with MRT. But IDE to SATA conversation work. So I have read SA with SATA PCB


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Hello everbody at this great place,

have to say i'm not expert for repairing hdds, and hope someone of you great experts can help me, my case is following, have WD My Passport external hdd 2TB with this PCB 2060-800067 , accidently broke usb connector and part of original PCB around usb connector, so it doesnt work anymore...

Ordered same PCB at ebay.com , replaced BIOS IC, but seems for this PCB, lock not in BIOS IC, but in MAIN IC - Marvell IC :( ... Please if anyone can confirm me, if i remove Main IC from old-original PCB to this donor's PCB, will this solve my problem to access my hdd's data, (bios is is already moved from orig to donor's pcb) ?