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yes i have tried it, it dosent spin,
so you have the confirmation that the preamp is wrong type

this is/was the same on some WDs 2.5" at the epoch of WDxy00BEVT (various families)

We know how to determinate the preamp in MQ0x families from labels , but anyone can easily test the compatibility with a preliminary swap where you install PATIENT board on the DONOR drive (obviously better do the test before to disassemble the DONOR)

this is good also for adaptives, if the preamp is compatible ... haeds may still be not as well
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The preamp is correct and its a toshiba ,but not spinning
but in the previous message you've written that the PATIENT board installed on the DONOR drive was not making it to spin

if that was the case, the preamps of the two drives are not matching


while if the PATIENT board on the PATIENT drive WITH original PATIENT heads , when powered makes the drive to begin to spin (stop it as soon it begin to spin) , you have the confirmation that the PATIENT board if fine and operational/working


after this brief test, if the DONOR drive with ITS original board and original heads spins and goes DRD DSC, you have the definitive confirmation that the preamps of the two drives are NOT matching