ST1000LM024 - HN-M101MBB - BSY

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Tried different donor boards and managed to get some to spin up the drive by loading this firmware into it, alas, still stuck in BSY.

Think its time to forget this case now.
slingshot":7gxge60d said:
I used the external programmer and neither of those ROMs spun the drive up.
I remember this. Drive not spin if wrong PCB ( or / and ROM).
Maybe wrong PCB number . Share PCB number pls. I would check tomorrow LM024 PCB numbers possibilities in my archive.


DigitalVeriKurtarma":3b36rbk6 said:
I have checked my list for pcb's
BF41 0354A >> 2AR10001
100720903 >>2BA30001

According to yor patient drive sticker that PCB belong this drive

Ok thank you, now just need to get the correct ROM on it, or trick it into giving me SA access.