ST1000LM024 - HN-M101MBB - BSY

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Cannot seem to get this thing out of BSY mode.

Drive spins up but will not ID, its not noisy, clicks or anything nasty, just refuses to play.

Get following in Terminal:

[nfo]ActiveFW : 00
FWVer : 0001
SATA PLL cal done
DDR size detected = 16MB

DDR size detected = 16MB

*PAUNI_L2957*PA VID=0006 PN=0009 Rev=0002- PA_UNI Found
*PAUNI_L2957*PA VID=0006 PN=0009 Rev=0002- PA_UNI FoundU
CLA ..36/83
HO RPM=2980 OK
AC 818
mS1 00000003
SK C: 7534 H:0
Loaded FIT ( 0: 0: 1)
CalibTable Loaded. Rev:0x1B
ResoTable Loaded. Rev:0x01
Bump Limit Loaded. Rev:0x01
RRO1xTable Loaded. Rev:0x01
Fw Active 00
Ovly NOT loaded[/nfo]

Swapped heads, no difference, tested same heads in donors - they work fine.

Swapped more working heads just to be sure - no difference

Tried the hot swap method - cannot read modules from patient

Tried the head map editing in RAM - makes no difference

Anybody experienced one of these things doing this ?

I feel like launching it into orbit :lol:


I take it you tried swapping the boards first before doing all those head swaps? Board damage could certainly cause those symptoms and would explain why a head swap didn't fix it. Not sure if cache/nand needs to be cleared on this model or not or if doing so would destroy user data.

"Ovly NOT loaded" indicates to me it is either having trouble loading overlays from ROM or from SA, I don't know enough about these drives to say.


Yes, I only used donors who's PCB's would spin up my patient drive.

Interestingly, the drive had been to another shop - before coming to me - who had declared it as dead. These other guys know nothing about hard drives, so I wonder if they replaced the PCB and as that didn't work = the end. Problem being they forgot (conveniently) to swap the PCB's back :roll:


From another F3 ROM I find it at 0x80030. You should be able to just search with a hex editor or compare to ROM from similar family/FW.


Ok thanks, searching via text aint bringing me any results and can't see it on 0x80030 line, Ill find an equivalent and try find serial in that or manually comb the hex for it. Does it display the entire serial number e.g. S32HJ9BG.... or just a portion of it ?


It shows the whole SN in both the ROMs I checked, both at the same offset. FWIW The first hex editor I tried couldn't find it either, but the one from Ace labs does, I assume it is interpreting the data somehow.


Im using the Acelabs one and I don't even have the line 0x80030 LoL. Can you screen shot what it looks like for me please, does it have SN or anything in same line etc. I can't see the wood for the trees at mo.