Seagate Preamp Pulled From ROM (Requests)

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hi sir
How to determine the Heads Preamp version attached rom.


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Hi, can you please tell me the Preamp Version for the attached ROM? Thanks!


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drmoast":2evdhoko said:
Hi, can you please tell me the Preamp Version for the attached ROM? Thanks!

That looks like it's a Rosewood ROM and we don't have a method to read out the preamp on those ROMs yet. Not a reliable one anyway. Besides, the preamp rarely matters wth those. It's more important that you're in the correct family (e.g _A5 _8C _AF) and have correct head map than anything else.


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Is it possible to get the preamp version without the rom?

Only have this:

PN: 9YN164-500
DATE: 13133


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TLDR: Please ID the preamps in these three ROMs. Thank you!

Long version:

I want to recover the data from the disk with serial ending in "CPC2", date code 11093, board revision "A". The drive was working perfectly fine until one day when it was supposed to spin up from standby it started giving "11 clicks of death" and can no longer be detected. I've tried swapping in another PCB and it does the same thing. I'm working to build a serial cable to see what the diagnostics interface will tell me.

The drive with serial ending is "EKLC", date code 11103, board revision "A" is a drive which I picked up second-hand as a source for parts (PCB, heads, etc.). It appears to be working 100% correctly and has no data on it.

The drive with serial ending in "8YVQ", date code 11242, board revision "B" is a pull from a Fantom-brand external drive, and it is detected as a Fantom-brand drive even when plugged into an internal SATA port. This drive is operating, but S.M.A.R.T. is predicting imminent failure (5 Reallocated sectors, 3993 bad sectors, 1 weak sector). I've copied the data from this drive, so I can use it for parts.

All three drives are Seagate ST32000542AS Barracuda LP 2TB with firmware CC34, site code WU.

I'm hoping to find a fix without having to open the drive, but from what I've been reading, a head swap is likely to be required, as the drive is spinning up and down correctly. I've never done that before, so I'd likely try removing and reinstalling the heads on the "8YVQ" drive a few times for practice, making sure that it functions acceptably when I put it back together. If that works well, I can try moving the good heads from the "EKLC" drive to the "CPC2" drive I want to fix. Hopefully with the similar date codes, both "EKLC" and "CPC2" will have matching preamps.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you! I am enjoying reading the discussions on this forum.


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