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WD Discovery Thinks My Toshiba Canvio is a My Passport Slim

Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:44 am

This had me scratching my head today. Plugged in a brand new 4Tb Toshiba Canvio HDD that I bought on Amazon as a destination for a case. I happened to open up WD Discovery software, to reset encryption on another drive that I had sold on eBay & previous owner hadn't sanitized.

Was quite surprised to find this:
WD Discovery Glitch.jpg

So WD's tool mistakenly thinks my thick 4Tb Toshiba is a WD My Passport Slim drive. Just to be sure, I opened up the enclosure to see what was inside:
Inside Toshiba Canvio 4Tb.jpg

Definitely looks like a Toshiba inside. So I guess WD's tool just mistakenly thinks these drives are My Passport Slim drives.

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