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Looks interesting. I'd like to see it handle a ST3000DM001 with corrupted media cache.

If they were selling it for a single time purchase price I might consider buying a license and using it just as an imaging tool. But, there's no way I'm paying $115/month to keep it active. For that price, I can just buy another PC-3000 on a credit card and make monthly payments toward that.

[shadow=blue]Edit:[/shadow]I guess there is an option to make the 15 month purchase and only pay $35/month after that. But still, I don't like the idea of any tool that require monthy payments to just keep it working. I could see charging to get future updates, but not to just keep on a tool you paid $1,500 for.


I don't see the difference to a DD-Rescue or HDDsuperclone actually.
Just because it have some buttons, and a different GUI, I would not pay just for that.


Looks decent, and coming from DeepSpar it should be respectable and well supported. For those not ready to commit the considerable time and money to get into the DR business, I think it's appealing. It's like a RapidSpar on steroids. Thousands of computer repair shops would be their primary market, I expect.


pclab":3nttludv said:
[post]11201[/post] But Deepspar already have a similar tool: Rapidspar...
Yes, I know. I'm a bit puzzled by why they would come out with this product, unless RapidSpar is not doing well and they thought this might be more affordable. I'm not familiar enough with RapidSpar to contrast their capabilities and costs.


I just asked Serge what the scoop is and here is his response:
We are just getting started with it, but it’s basically a lighter RapidSpar with all the functionality that’s not strictly necessary cut away to reduce cost for countries where the prices for data recovery services are lower - no touchscreen, no dedicated target drive (it writes everything to an image file on host PC), no standalone operation. Same diagnostics/firmware repair system, lower cost, includes licensed R-Studio Technician with updates (but no network recovery functions) to handle RAIDs/complex logical work, 20-40% slower at skipping bads (extra overheads because the image file is on PC). Only available in Brazil and India, soon coming to Africa when we find a suitable reseller. Same general purpose, built for IT professionals who want to outsource fewer data recovery cases but have no interest in doing data recovery full-time.
How many of you old hddguru people remember anaesa arora from india dimitry had created a special section for that fellow on hddguru for many days he is the once who gave this idea to deepspar and deepspar fell prey to the idea ,Now he cannot sell market it even in india lol


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It sure is a RapidSpar copy for different country's. Nice. Like someone said before they see the end of the HDD DR and trying to make extra money. DeepSpar is a good imager but still only imager. I doubt anyone is buying it now days. DFL is selling the repair tool for 2600$