WD10JMVW Platter 3 scratched Is it Possible to Recover H0 and H1?


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We have a WD10JMVW where heads were broken and H3 scratched platter 3, after head swap it worked fine for 10 min then H3 died and HDD stopped being identified. So is it possible to recover data only from platter 0,1 without head 3?
the heads were moved back to the donor and donor can't be identified which means head are damaged.
Tried to cut Head 3 on a new working HDD for test but after cutting H3 HDD couldn't be identified by MRT.
Tried to bend H3 and H2 backwards on a working HDD (donor for test) so they don't touch the platter and closed the heads in ROM (photo attached) still HDD can't be identified.
we have another donor here we can use to test or swap can anyone confirm if it's possible to recover data from H0 and H1?


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