WD new unlock PCB 810035 is available


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We are happy to keep all of you informed that WD new unlock PCB 810035 is available now.

New WD HDD models (like WD40NDZW-11A8JS1, WD50NDZW-11A8JS1, WD50NMZW-59A8NS1) come with this PCB number, but we cannot work with ROM and firmware due to MCU locked. This is one customized unlock PCB with SATA interface for firmware repair and data recovery.

If you have any interest in this item, pls feel free to contact with us for details and special price.


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Hello Jared,

I am not sure if you have had the opportunity to use one of those PCBs yet? I presume the aim of this PCB adapter is only to allow access to the SA to access the firmware? That is, it is not possible to read the disk in an unencrypted format as the encryption keys are controlled by the MCU on SpyGlass 2 disks? For non-encrypted data recovery has to be made via the USB, or via soldering on SATA to the patient PCB.

I was not sure if the developers of this PCB had managed to some how deal with the encryption, but I suspect it is just designed as a more convenient method to access the SA?

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Hello John

This is Tina, from Dolphin Data Lab. Thanks for your post.

Yes, WD unlock SATA PCB was designed to help us for accessing the ROM and firmware. We still need to do decryption to retrieve data after firmware repair.

In fact, most of new WD drives which manufactured after July 2019 have SED lock, we have to decrypt it after repair either by manual wiring or with the help of specialized USB-SATA wiring board.

If you have a good experience in manual wiring, you can get it done without the customized wring board, right? In the meanwhile, we have this for those beginners. It is very helpful and easy to use. Here is the web page, you can take a look:
https://www.hddheadtools.com/product/hd ... g-pcb-pro/