Usb3 ext 2tb hdd, 2.5inch


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Hi there 1st time poster. I recently bought an external 2.5 inch 2tb usb3 hdd from ebay.
It was very cheap and coming from Hong Kong. Delivery was quite quick around 5 days.
I plugged it into my ps4 as this is where I intended to use it and nothing just clicking as if cylinder 0 was faulty, tried it in laptop same issue clicking.

I used mini tool to partition the drive and surprisingly got it recognized on mbr as opposed to gpt but when trying to transfer data to it it failed with device not present anymore. Eventually got most my money back but told to keep drive do I thought I'd open it and check the drive out.

The drive was covered in silver rape which I removed and to my utter dismay I found the hard drives model number and capacity. The hard drive is actually only 320gb.

My question is how is this possible, how can the mini tool partition software see it as 2tb when it isn't is there some magic hack or jailbreak to allow lowere spec hdds to show as higher capacity.


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It's actually quite easy with tools like PC-3000 and MRT to modify a HDD's firmware and make it show a different model number and capacity. Fake drives like this turn up on eBay pretty often.