Unsuccessful Oxygen Forensic Recovery on iPhone4s


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Hi everyone,

I have an iPhone 4s that belonged to my late father. He sent me a final text in 2014 and afterwards the phone was used by my sister. By then the text had been deleted and my own phone where I received the text is long gone.

I recently consulted a specialist who examined my phone through Oxygen Forensic Recovery but was unsuccessful in making a recovery of the text.

What do you think my next options are?

I am currently trying to get back my old phone which I had given to relatives but they’ve said it’s already lost.

Any help would be great, thank you.


Recover a file on a phone after 7 years of usage? That's 99.999999999% impossible, not to say 100%.
How many times was it factory reset for instance?
On a phone or any flash memory dependent device, after you delete a file or whatever, after a few minutes/hours it will be completely erased.


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Hi thank you for your response.

I think it has been factory reset once and has been used for at least 2 years (not for cell services just games, music etc) after 2014.

I was hoping to give physical extraction a chance, but one reputable company has recently got back to me with the same response as you. I’m just hoping to see if I have any other options.

Thank you for responding.