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What's new in version 8.15:

* Added support of HP SmartArray, DDF and ARECA RAID metadata formats;
* Support of RAID6 on 3 drives as this configuration is allowed on some controllers;
* Added separate Adaptec RAID5EE configuration to RAID builder;
* When RAID Builder tab is active and Parallel Search or Data Comparison is opened:
- Added option to copy current list of storages from RAID builder to the tool;
- Synchronization includes both list of 'valid' storages and hex viewer position.
* Enabled possibility to open multiple 'New RAID' tabs;
* Fixed bug decrypting APFS FusionDrive storages;
* Added indication of component's 'RAID properties' on storage properties sheet;
* ReFS: Support of symbolic links;
* Added option to save image files to EnCase E01 format;
* Added 'read' support of common CCTV file systems;
* Added quick detection of lost partitions at 'standard' offsets;
* Support of storages with physical sector size 1 and 2 KB.


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Iurii":379slvow said:
[post]17937[/post] * Support of RAID6 on 3 drives as this configuration is allowed on some controllers;

How is that even a thing? :lol: Not saying I don't believe you.

Why on earth would you want a RAID 6 of three drives? At that point, you may as well just do a triple mirror RAID 1.


What's new in version 8.16:

Added support of Intel IMSM NV Cache (SRT, Optane Memory) technology;
Added experimental 'read' support of AFF4 image files format;
DDF RAID50/RAID60: fixed pattern for LSI/Intel, added support for Adaptec (5805);
Support of DDF1.2 metadata for Marvell 88SE92xx;
Support of Silicon Image SATA-RAID vendor-specific metadata;
Added logging of user actions for storage scan;
Added read support of 'Mirage', 'Tango'/'G2Fdb' and 'Rsfs' CCTV file systems;
Added support of symbolic links in scan result for NTFS, EXT3/4 and XFS;
Detection and indication of DeepSpar USB Stabilizer in software GUI;
Added option to not save empty (zeroed) sectors in Disk Imager;
Disk imaging via DeepSpar USB Stabilizer:
- Added special error recovery procedure to support device power management;
- Changed default imaging procedure to 'system' to wait for device response;
Added additional logging of user actions for file copying.


What's new in version 8.17:

Added 'calculate hash' tool with support of hash verification for E01/Ex01;
Added support of saving RAID configurations with 'decomposed' components;
File system filtering now preserves structures created by "recycle.bin" recovery;
Added option to copy storages list from RAID Builder to Parity Calculator;
Microsoft Storage Spaces:
- Added support of double-parity volumes (so far, with only one missing disk);
- Support of metadata version 3;
Fixed issue with support of Adaptec 1430SA DDF2 metadata;
Fixed some compatibility issues of saved E01 files (compression, rounding);
Storage properties tab now includes hashes for E01/Ex01 format;
Disk Imager log is extended with more details (source/target properties etc.);
Fixed few issues with processing of Windows Dynamic Disks (NT LDM);
In 'advanced' copying, added filter to copy normal, deleted or both states;
ReFS support is extended with new version found on Windows Server 2022 preview;
Fixed several bugs (including crash bugs).


What's new in version 9.0:

* Scan now has option to save status periodically (with predefined time period);
* Folders in scan result now display contained objects capacity;
* Explorer now highlights lager files/folders in scan result with percent bar;
* Color differentiation of existing and scanned file systems in Explorer;
* Data saving now can be scheduled as number of steps in priority order:
- Added 'Create batch copying task'/'Add to copying task' tool to context menu;
- Task can be aborted with possibility of resumption from aborted step;
- Common task copying log with logging of task step events;
- Task manager dialog to re-order, remove or configure steps (enable filters etc.);
* Added 'Quick scan (index)' tool to context menu of valid ('green') file systems;
* When empty or damaged FS is activated, there is a choice to browse or to scan it;
* Activation of partition with no file system now activates 'scan' dialog;
* Support of hard links on NTFS, APFS, HFS+, Ext, F2FS, Reiser, UFS and XFS;
* Added automatic deduplication of duplicate hard links:
- Hard link to file is restored as hard link on target storage;
- If target file system doesn't support hard links, software creates copy of file;
- Hardlinks to HFS+ folders are restored to special location and linked with target;
- Links to folders are established with hardlinks (on HFS+) or with symlinks;
- If target file system doesn't support links, software fails to process such folders.
* Added support of duplicate file/folder hard links in scan result;
* NTFS scan procedure now processes NTFS indexes and thus hard links;
- In 'quick scan' this function is disabled by default;
* APFS direct access:
- File system state is now loaded using the latest generation of stored superblock;
- Added support of file system snapshots, including 'local' and 'backup' Time Machine;
- Loading of file set is postponed until it is first used (for performance reasons);
* APFS scan:
- Indexing of APFS optionally includes snapshots (enabled by default);
- Better structure recovery and finding of lost snapshots in full scan;
- Added support of symbolic links;
* HFS+ scan: added support of hardlinks (including Time Machine);
* Changed format of SDLSP files to version 3.
* Added support of flat-sparse image files (set of chunks with missed fragments);
* Added tool for saving on-demand disk image files (imaging tasks):
- Support of imaging to flat, flat-sparse and sparse (SDLSP) disk image files;
- Support of imaging (clonning) to another disk;
- Using of built-in defect map for SDLSP and external defect map for other targets;
- Save/restore of task configuration (.uitask) files
- Support of 'imager' interface and background (asynchronous) imaging;
- Task control panel with map of defects and with activity indication;
- Map of defects can be cleared in given region (all states or only defects);
- Detailed configuration of imaging parameters (two-pass imaging, timeouts etc.)
- Quick switch of pre-configugured and customizable imaging tiers;
* Support of reading S.M.A.R.T Log pages of SATA drives;
* Added indication of file status (validity) information for scan results:
- Indication is enabled by default; it can be disabled via 'Explorer' settings;
- Verification if file start matches to data of known and valid type;
- If defects bitmap is available, optional check if file is imaged;
- Tool to enable/disable/configure file status indication in Explorer;
* Option to save 'only good files' when status indication is available and enabled;
* In Explorer, added ability to stop reading content of big folders;
* Added decryption of BitLocker and APFS encrypted volumes [UFSX Std/RAID/Net]
* Added tool to re-assign file extensions basing on content (for CHK files etc.);
* Preserving 'Hidden' and 'System' flags on copied files (Windows version);
* XFS access: fixed problem with mixed Intel/Standard short folder metadata;
* XFS scan: fixed few major bugs with structure recovery in full scan;
* NTFS access: fixed issue displaying of multiple hardlinks from the same folder;
* NTFS scan: added processing of mount points as 'folder' symbolic links;
* ReFS3 access:
- Mount points (junctions) are displayed as 'folder' symbolic links;
- In symbolic links, paths are changed to relative to support their 'export';
* Older ReFS (Windows Server 2012): fixed few bugs in scan procedure;
* ExFAT scan: support of 1MB clusters, fixed few issues;
* File removal from scan result now updates title statistics (files count/size);
* Fixed loading RAID/storage configurations when PhysicalDrive has no serial number;
* Fixed issue with long cancellation of quick scan and duplication of results;
* Fixed duplication of $LostFiles folder in scan result;
* Fixed bug in adaptive RAID5/RAID6 reconstruction;
* Fixed problem with support of ATA S.M.A.R.T via DeepSpar USB Stabilizer;


What's new in version 9.1:
* Added Drive/Bridge Security tool:
- Decryption of WD drives encrypted with JMS538E, Inic-1607E, OXUF943SE and SW6316 USB bridges;
- Support of key block detection both on storage area and in SMART Log pages;
- Support of standard AES-256 ECB mode (also AES-128/256 ECB/CBC/XTS modes, depending of chip);
- Unlocking of password-locked WD drives (no need to install and run WD Security software);
* Defects emulation by pattern recognition in 'read ahead' mode now uses cache (for speed);
* Support of macOS ".sparsebundle" disk image format (open as disk-on-disk storage);
* Microsoft Data Deduplication:
- Software now automatically asks to open and enable MSDDD when file system is opened;
- Fixed support of big (over 1GB) files deduplicated with Windows Server 2012/2012-R2;
- Fixed issue with opening files from relocated segments;
* Decryption of encrypted Apple DMG disk images (version 2/'encrcdsa' format);
* Fixed bug with data caching in hexadecimal editor;
* Recovery of lost address translation leafs in Btrfs scan (for correct deleted data recovery);
* FS with address translation (Btrfs) is now supported for 'status indication' in Explorer;
* File and Folder hardlinks deduplication is now made optional;
* Fixed few issues with disk imager (corrected number of retries, read block size etc.)


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Iurii":1qr286q1 said:
What's new in version 9.1:
- Decryption of WD drives encrypted with JMS538E, Inic-1607E, OXUF943SE and SW6316 USB bridges;

Wow! Nice work.

Iurii":1qr286q1 said:
* Support of macOS ".sparsebundle" disk image format (open as disk-on-disk storage);

Awesome!!! I know I was bugging you to add support for this. Would have saved me a ton of extra work on that last case I had of a corrupted sparsebundle.


What's new in version 9.2:
* 'Transform sector size' tool is extended with options to switch between 512/1K/2K/4K sectors;
* Added decryption of encrypted VMware VMDK virtual disks (encrypted VMs for Windows 11 etc.);
* Added decryption of compressed Apple DMG disk images encrypted with version 2/'encrcdsa' format;
* Write support for VHDX virtual disks (file creation and modification);
* In 'Imaging Task' interface:
- Added VHDX as target file format option;
- Optimized target format selection UI;
* Added VHDX as target file format option for Disk Imager;
* 'File mask' operations ('search' etc.) now all support multiple values with semicolon as delimiter;
* Raw recovery and tool for re-assigning file extensions are extended with more types;
* Fujifilm RAW photos format (RAF):
- Added extraction of file size, camera 'model name' and 'date taken' in raw recovery;
- Fixed issue with file separation to 'preview' and 'tiff' when it is detected by content;
* MacOS HFS+ file system:
- Enhanced procedure of damaged file system reconstruction and deleted data recovery;
- Fixed issue with direct access to highly fragmented file system;
* Fixed several issues with Btrfs file system scan.