UFS Explorer - general questions


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Please feel free to ask any questions about UFS Explorer software in this thread.
I know our software is not easiest one to use, so feel free to ask "how to...", "why..." and other sort of questions here (the questions will be answered by developers or data recovery specialists, not marketing or sales persons).
PS: No holywars please :roll:


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Actually I get the sense that a lot of people on this forum really like your software. Despite the occasional reference to it as "USFExploder".



It's great to have someone here from UFS.
About the software: I actually find it quite hard to do a RAW scan with it. I don't think it's very "user friendly"..


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Well, what actually wrong with raw recovery there? In version 5 it was made decision to isolate raw recvery rules from software code; thus all rules are defined in external definition file. Raw recovery in "Standard" editions is enabled as easy as one checkbox.

In "Pro" edition it is enabled same way for file-system specific scan and in two more clicks when no file system is available (reason: specification of clusterization to avoid extra false-positive hits).

Rules are defined extranlly. In most cases you should not edit rules. Even if you do need this, just use "Rules editor" tool. There are plenty of examples how to define rules in default rule definition file. Most general rules share search syntax with our "hex" software.

Do you need more explanations on some specific points?

About "USFExploder" - trust me, we are not associated with US forces and (furtunately!) to any kind of explosions :)


Well, maybe I didn't spent so many time searching for the options, because R-Studio is a little better on that.
I have to check again.


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Anyway, can you please tell what exactly not obvious and makes difficulties:
- enabling raw recovery
- configuring new rules?
I never knew UFS Explorer could be this useful.. I really enjoyed it at first use, it saves me a whole lot time after imaging with my PC-3000, didn't even have to Scan..


What's new in version 7.6:

* Support of BitLocker encryption (with user password and recovery key);
* Support of ReFS 3.4 format (Windows Server 2019);
* Support of Microsoft data deduplication on ReFS volumes;
* Fixed bug reading Core Storage metadata in "pending state";
* Support of ZFS-on-Linux custom ZFS metadata;
* Support of "bogous" FreeNAS RAID10 (mix of simple disks and mirrors);
* Fixed bug with multiple detections of NT LDM volumes.