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pijomax":2f1zj7kc said:
Hi everybody,

any idea for G0039A?

I have a MQ04UBD200 and need to adapt a SATA card - or find a compatible one.

Thanks in advance


I'd bet it's PCB G4311A.


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FAsTec":3r5g2u5e said:
Seeking for the board
G3959A --------> G3918A

I have found this Toshiba SATA board

check it on Aliexpress

same processor , same spindle/heads controller

Did it work the S50058 board?. I think this one is a good candidate to replace the G3918A board but I need to confirm this.


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Hi guys, I need some help. I want to recover data from MQ01UBD100 (heads banging/ clicking) and it's G003250A. I have replaced the head from donor drive MQ01ABD075 (G003138A) but the new head is still making sound and doesn't recognise. I then put the head back in donor drive and it starting clicking there as well.

May I know if replacing head only won't be a solution? or am I missing any other step here?

Thank you in advance


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Most likely you ruined the new heads. Unless you know what you're doing, that's pretty much always going to happen.