Toshiba MQ04UBD200 had an issue while cloning the data, keeping ECC ON.


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Hello Everyone,

So I had a strange issue while cloning this HDD, problem when received, was the drive was having an issue with Head 3 rest all the heads were working fine. So I cloned the remaining heads i.e. 0,1,2 and did the head swap and the new heads did work but the reading was very slow about some kb/s. So I tried 2 more heads and the problem remains the same, but the speed was good ( as compared to the previous scenario) when I turned the ECC OFF, It was somewhere 20 mb/s. Now my problem is that while keeping the ECC OFF the drive reads some good data and some garbage I can see some good data in RAW recovery but much of it, is garbage.

Maybe I am missing something important thing that's why I am facing this problem, Any input from anyone is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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With ECC off, you will read a lot of garbage because there's no ECC (Error Correction Code). The slow reading is probably due to it reading the same sectors multiple times before enough accurate data is read for the ECC to actually correct the sector and return proper data. Likely the platter surface has some damage to it.

Turning it off might improve speed, but at the expense of getting accurate data.


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Hello Jared,

Thanks for the reply, I have checked the platter under the microscope and have not found any damage to the surface, and yes turning ECC OFF is reading the garbage data. My question is- is there any way to read the data with good speed at least some Mbps,keeping ECC ON?


Usually Toshiba read well using Utility, but in this SMR model I don't think it will work.