toshiba dealing with damaged heads and surface


Are toshiba options are very limit in these cases compared to other brands ?
We can't disable heads (for data recovery purpose) can't boot from other head and can't do hot swap,is it true ?
Are there other advanced options can be applied to compensate these disabilities ?


Disable heads is possible (at least doing it with PC3000+DE).
Hot swap is not possible.
But these Toshiba drives are pretty reliable in cases of firmware. Mostly what I see is head damage and to deal with that you have to swap them.


For example if platter 01 damaged, disable head in DE wont help but in other brands you have options to read other platters by disable heads in rom (or cut physically) or do hot swap,what can be done with Toshiba on this issue ?


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Hmm...I've honestly never plugged a Toshiba into my MRT, so I can't speak as to what features it does and doesn't support. I'll have to recharge my card one of these days and see what's actually in there.


If toshiba platter 01 has huge deep scratch of course disk will click when power on,and you want to read data from other good platters (after good cleaning) ,what options pc-3000 has to deal with it ?
If you can get drive ID , it's possible to get data from other heads with MRT DE Section.
Cut head also possible . I have refurbished so many Toshiba drive with MRT.
Cut head function (in MRT ) would clear all Plist and glist records. And would add cutted heads LBA list to new Plist. Cut zone also same . Do not try cut head or cut zone function with MRT if trying to data recovery.
You should use Data Extractor to data recovery and need head map.
Open Toshiba window before calculate head map. ( It's necessary once. Not need after head map calculated )
Make head map and you can select which heads to need recover.
Good luck.

I am not sure but my guess Toshiba SA has only 1 copy. So if that head couldn't read sa drive wouldn't get ready and not possible to get data


Jirbun":34hf40yp said:
platter 01 has huge deep scratch
So no ID and you want to READ DATA from other good platters (after good cleaning) ,what options pc-3000 has to deal with it ?


Jirbun":3vkdw405 said:
[post]14428[/post] For example if platter 01 damaged

After reading all your posts in this thread (3 times), it's not clear if this is a case you're actually working with or if you're collecting information.
If it IS a case, can you provide more information? What model? How many heads? SA on Toshibas is on top surface area so for example if you're working with a drive with 2 heads and platter 01 is damaged, the outlook for this case is dim. If you've got 4 heads and 01 is damaged, you might try physically bending that head back. I've had many cases (at least on 2.5" Toshibas) where I've physically bent a head back to avoid media damage. The drive clicks, rattles, and knocks in protest and takes a while to become ready but after creating a heads map all other heads image fine.