Suddenly Vanished 1.5 TB Data From Laptop Hard Drive


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Dear Peers,

I have 2 HDD (Laptop). Usually I am using these 2 drives name 1.bits and 2. Software. These 2 hdd using by one USB to SATA Connector. 2 days back I am I was connected bits hdd that was working fine. After I have connected software hdd that's not opening after long time I have disconnected. After that I have connected through sata cable. It's shows named as bits. After that nothing inside. Around 1.5 TB Data vanished suddenly. I have tried easeus data recovery software nothing I can get. Please assist me to get all data. I have stored all paid software. Please do the needful.


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What is the full model of the HDD? Can you post a picture of the label?


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you can inform if these discs rotate and have vibration of rotation because if not rotate you have to check the pcb to check the voltages of 5v and 12v