ST500DM002 - how to write ROM to new board via PC3000 Express


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Hello pls help me with my BIG WINDOW in my mind. I have damaged PCB from ST500DM002 (3F Pharaoh 7200.12 profile), I have backuped ROM to a BIN file via COM terminal in PC3000 Express. Reading and saving was not problem. But I have problem with writting the ROM file to new PCB. PC3000 Express show me repeated msg resending, resending, resending FW, but process does not end. It looks like, that PCB is locked. I did this operation in the ACELAB HDD course a few years ago, but could not remember how to do that right. I have connected SATA port, power line, COM port. Data rate is 921600. I do somewhere mistake. But I do not know where. Is it possible to write me what SW steps must I do to write ROM to new PCB correctly.
Of course it is possible to write ROM by external programmer, but I would like to do via PC3000 EXPRESS.